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Link Popularity Service. Increase Link Popularity with our Link Popularity Service. Low Cost Program To Increase Link Popularity Organically.

"Old-Fashioned Link Building For The New Era"
LIMITED TIME OFFER: Buy ONE-WAY links For  ZERO USD For The First Year !!


Increase Link Popularity

The One Way Links Program is a link popularity service of MyWebTrafficShop.Com, a web traffic provider online since 2005.
By joining our One Way Links Program you will have a superior advantage over your competitors as one way links are the number ONE link popularity strategy beating reciprocal links by the numbers. With our link popularity service you obtain only inbound One Way Links from hard-working legitimate websites just like yours.

There are no casino- or adult websites in our program! There are no directories to install or scripts to set up. All you have
to do is to add a few html pages to your website and link to it from your main site.

As new mebers join, more links will be pointing to your website. The searcheninges love this way of "organic" growth and they will credit you for it in terms of better pagerank and better Searchengine placement.

Link Popularity Program Highlights:

Receive an unlimited number of inbound links - at NO extra charge - as
new members are being added.

No Up-Front Cost! You  lock in your price now for ZERO USD for the
first 12 months.  After that you will ONLY pay 47 USD PER YEAR for the
following years. **NOTE: This is a LIMITED time offer and the price will go up as new
members are being added! Lock in your price NOW!**
(You can cancell at any time and you will be notified by mail weeks
prior to re-billing!)

You get a one way link by giving a one way link !
(see diagram below)

All Unique IP addresses (No link farms!!)

Links from legitimate hard-working sites only.

Up to 100 Words keyword rich anchor text!

You can change anchor text at any time!

By becoming our partner we help each other and avoid the cost of
buying individual text links at over-rated prices!

The One-Way Linking Program:

This program is mainly created to increase link popularity and raise your Google page rank. There are no software to run or directories to install (spam alert!). All you have to do is to put up a few html pages on your website (which we will provide) giving out links to other legitimate web pages.

You can have up to 100 words in the anchor text along with the link. Also make sure that the link it self is optimized for the wording on your website.

The number of sites in each pod is 1/3 of the total amount of website partners currently in the program and it will grow and change organically as new members join the program. You will get new inbound links throughout the year. As new members join us, new links will be pointing to you.


The way the One Way Links system is designed can be described as 3 pods. Pod A link to sites in Pod B, Pod B links to sites in Pod C and Pod C links to sites in Pod A. - One Way Links! -

You will have to add / change / update the html pages we provide 5-7 times a year to add new out-links from your website.

The price for this membership will increase as new members come in, but for you the price will stay the same forever and your annual subscription will remain the same! Currently the cost of this program is ZERO - 0 - USD*. It will however increase sometime soon (yes it is TRUE and not just another "buy now before the price go up" sales pitch!;-).


How Backlinks Are Built & The Importance Of ONE-WAY Backlinks

Backlinks are the number of links that are being linked from one website to another website. This is a great and very important part of your total search engine optimization tactics. The more links pointing to your website from various other websites the more popular your website will look through the eyes of the search engines and higher you will rank in the search engines.

...The higher Link Popularity the higher ranking in the Search Engines!

Page Rank

PageRank is Google's way of defining or measuring the quality of a website. PageRank goes from 0 - 10 and the higher score the better. It is a combination of a lot of various factors like content, content on the sites linking to you and their PageRank, how many links that are poining to your site and how many sites you are linking to and a lot of other factors.

The Death Of Reciprocal Links

Reciprocal linking used to be the Number One method to building your backlinks and it scares me that many still believe that this is the way to do it. While reciprocal linking still has some value -- AS LONG AS IT IS RELEVANT -- it is incredibly time consuming and the benefits are really limited.

Anchor Text &
The "Relevancy Myth"

Due to the length of the Anchor Text your link will look like a real endorsement and since all One Way Links are relevant by definition you do not have to worry if the links comes from, or are given, to relevant sites.

Anchor Text is the text used to cloak your url. It should be different variations of the keyword you are trying to optimize your site for (the word you want people to find you through when they are searching online). It could be for instance something like "Work At Home" then followed by a 100 word or so description of your website.

Each Pod will, if possible, have a balance of different website categories, like i.e Travel sites, Work at Home sites, etc…

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Link Popularity Service. Increase Link Popularity with our Link Popularity Service. Low Cost Program To Increase Link Popularity Organically.