It is not mandatory, but we strongly recommend all new SEO clients to first get a full website audit report. Conducting a website audit at the very start of the process will ensure that we start on the right foot and that when we don’t get delayed when we start the off-page process.

The website audit report enables us to carry out a full marked research. It is also an extremely thorough analysis of your keywords, rankings and competition. In addition, it will ensure we can carry out a systematic review of the web design, web structure, content and backlinks. The report will also give you guidelines on how to optimize your website.

SEO is a very time consuming and task extensive process. It may take some time before you start seeing some real results (anywhere between three- and nine months depending on competition), but the traffic you will get is free and it will continue to increase in the months and years ahead. Because of this and to not waste neither our nor your time, it is crucial that we get it right straight away. Our reputation depends on the results so we want to do it properly.

If we don’t do a website audit and dive right into the implementation without addressing important core issues first, such as which keywords to target, optimal website designs and structure, reviewing the backlink profile, and content issues etc – then we would be wasting our efforts and in all honesty it wouldn’t be fair to you. Most of the cheaper service providers will sign you up, take your money and run with it, but we want you to succeed. And a Website Audit Report is the best way to ensure that.

You can think of it as going to the doctor. If you have severe stomach pain – would you ask your doctor to perform an operation on you right there, right then, without undergoing diagnosis and tests first? Even if you did, and the doctor obliged, he’d be fired immediately and you could end up getting the wrong medical treatment. If a SEO company treats you the same way, you should at least be warned of the consequences.

We strongly believe that the introduction of the SEO website audit will further improve our standing as strategic online marketers. We are professionals and we do not want to sell you a SEO product that is not right for your website. By going through a thorough analysis we will be able to give you the right troubleshooting, consultation and recommendation before we launch a full-fledged Search Engine Optimization- and Marketing Campaign. It saves us time, and it saves you money!

Product Bonuses

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Key Benefits of an SEO Website Audit:

  • Complete Overview and Awareness of Backlinks, Ranking and Competition
  •  Well-defined Target Keywords
  • Content Optimization Guidelines
  • Website Structure Analysis
  • Complete Overview and Awareness of Web Designs and Structure
  • Up to 50% Discount on the first month of a full SEO service package*
*50 percent discount on the first month is awarded to clients who  sign up on a retainer model. Otherwise, a 25 percent discount is  given on the first month from any SEO service order arising from  the purchase of the website audit report.

Our Website Audit Key Features:

  • This is NOT a boilerplate software based report like the others will give you!
  • Manually structured and analyzed by experienced SEO Consultants
  • Thorough Market Research and Analysis
  • Web Design Analysis
  • Website Structure Analysis
  • Troubleshooting Report Backlinks Report
  • Content Analysis and Optimization Guidelines
  • Report Summary and Consultation via e-mail or Skype
  • No obligation to order any other service from us. You can take the report and do the work yourself or get the job done elsewhere if you wish

It can be difficult to compare the various analyses offered by the different providers. A Website Audit is sometimes also called Technical Website Audit, Site Audit, SEO Audit, On-page audit, website analysis and many other names, but they more or less means the same.

OUR Website Audit Report ensures quality and saves time by addressing errors and challenges at an early phase. This avoids false starts and truly paves the way for a super effective SEO Campaign.


This article is due for an update during summer 2020