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We get dirty in the trenches for you - so you can focus and what you do best. Martin Sand has 20x years of experience ranking niche sites, local sites, affiliate sites, eCommerce sites and anything in between. 

Have you tried SEO in the past on your own but never got the desired results?

Spent money on cheap seo services just to see little-to-no movement in your search engine rankings?

Or even worse - Have your SEO tactics got your site penalized by Google?

Fret no more…

Say “Hi” to your new partner - Martin Sand’s




Broad claim.

Maybe even borderline illegal.

But continue reading…

Our SEO Agency team has several hundred years combined experience in achieving top search engine rankings for all kinds of websites and blogs. Personally I, Martin Sand, have 20+ years under my belt doing SEO for clients and my own websites. We know our shit and we never outsource to non-English speaking countries. 

We provide highly efficient on-page SEO such as technical SEO, inbound content creation & conversion optimization and off-page SEO such as blogger outreach, link building, citation building, social media marketing and more. We do search engine optimization services for some of the most competitive markets, including casino websites, health/fitness, CBD websites, coupon sites and anything in between. We also do local search engine optimization for businesses such as plumbers, lawyers and dentists to name a few.

We truly know our stuff.

While anyone can sell SEO services, and new “agencies” pop-up daily, very few have been doing this since the inception of search engine marketing.

After 20x+ years of real life experience from the search engine trenches we have tried and failed more times than most people can imagine, and won more Top Three Positions than most other seo agencies (based on our own unqualified statistics).

Through massive trial and error - mostly on our own sites! - we have seen what’s working and what’s not.

This is the kind of knowledge you normally cannot buy as those who possess this knowledge usually are too busy doing presentations, writing books and holding high-ticket seminars to actually be doing the grunt work.

That’s not the case with us, tho.

When you hire our SEO Agency this is the exact kind of experience we will bring to battle for your company and website!

Martin Sand

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We’re not some fly-by-wuzzies … we’re flame spitting dragons, we’re marketing dinosaurs with the brains of a 2067 AI Machine… We are the Kings and Queens of Search Engine Marketing!

Martin Sand / Head of Marketing

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1x Question To Ask Your SEO Agency or Consultant

“How Many Personal Websites Have You Ranked In Google – And How Well Did They Rank?”

Like a politician gladly spending your tax money or a banker telling you to invest without ever having spent her own money on high-risk stocks, most SEO companies will take your money and run with it. There’s no risk for them. To make things even worse, many SEO firms will use your website to experiment on, possibly putting your site at risk of penalties.

That’s why you should ask your SEO agency / consultant the question above.

Most likely, they’ve never been asked that question before.

If they have been in the trenches themselves, they know how hard you have worked on your site and how catastrophic it would be to you if your website gets penalized by the search engines.

Personally, I have built and ranked hundreds of websites using both so-called white-hat and black-hat techniques. Once it was the main part of my business. I know the pain and frustration of running websites.

…and I don’t want you to experience the same kind of pain and frustration.

While I can’t guarantee that my team has the same years under their belt working on their own sites, I can guarantee that they have years of real life experience working on our – or our partners- websites: They’re young, bright minds, who absorb knowledge like a sponge and put that knowledge into action quickly.

How Much Does Hiring a SEO Agency Cost?

This is a question we get asked a lot…

Short answer: $2500-$7500+ a month for a Full-Stack Seo Campaign. It all depends on the competition, how strong your site is already, what you need help with etc. Some websites may have a good SEO score (80+) and only need some inbound content creation and link building while other sites may need a full overhaul before the link building can start.

However, the question itself is not particularly good.

The question should instead be: How much more will we make from optimizing our business?

Think about it for a second…

Let’s say you run a website in a competitive market such as the casino market. Your web pages are not found in the top 10 positions of Google…

Maybe not even in the Top 50 for your money keywords…. How much more would you be making if you ranked among the Top 10, maybe even Top 3, for hundreds of highly profitable keywords?

That’s where we come into play.

That’s our specialty and we do it darn good!

Obviously, the game of SEO comes with no guarantees of results but when you work with us, you are working with the best in the game.

Unlike other SEO agencies with huge overhead costs and costly sales people, we like to keep things simple. That means less overhead costs, less fancy bonuses (we have none!) but more geeks and specialists working eagerly on your content.

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How Long Does SEO Take To Work In 2024?

Short answer: 4-6 months. When hiring a SEO agency or consultant the first three months will typically be spent on optimizing your website, creating content and some link building outreach. These are all time consuming activities and it often takes some time before the search engines notice the changes. The time it takes also vary from site to site based on competition and several other factors.

When it is possible to identify quick wins such as pages already indexed or obsolete content which just needs updating, you can see smaller improvements, and sometimes even quite big jumps in rankings, in just a few weeks.

However, always set aside a budget for at least six months to be able to stabilize and improve on the rankings gained in the first three to four months.

Our minimum term for a full-stack SEO campaign is 3x Months.

Our Search Engine Optimization Process - Best SEO Practices for 2024 and Beyond

Not all sites need the same process, and it may not always happen in this exact order, but it will always be somewhat similar to this...


First, we have a chat and get to know your business and what has previously been done to the site (if anything) and determine how to best work together to achieve your goals.

Technical On-Page Analysis

  • First we run an automated audit. This will give your website a SEO score from 0-100.
  • Then we expand with our full manual SEO Website Audit Report.
  • We dig into the technical aspects of your website and discover issues which may hold your site back from ranking.
  • We also look at user experience and how to improve UX by updating navigation, obsolete content, layout and branding.

Content-Gap Analysis

  • We analyse your competitors content and compare it to the content on your site.
  • We look for quality of the content, the length of the content and last but far from least: Search intent.
  • We create a plan to fill the content gaps.
  • Then you, we or a freelancer of choice, create the content.

Competitor Analysis

We look at your main competitors and determine what we need to do to beat them, including but absolutely not limited to…

  • Building a stronger foundation.
  • Writing better content.
  • Creating better page descriptions.
  • Re-engineering their strongest backlinks.
  • ...and more.

On-site Improvement

You, we or a freelancer dive into the technical issues we discovered in the website audit and fix things like:

  • Site speed (mobile, desktop).
  • Responsiveness (mobile, desktop, tablet).
  • Content siloing.
  • Technical errors.
  • Fixing redirection issues.
  • Fixing broken links.
  • Fixing orphan pages.
  • Removing and re-directing Zombie Pages.
  • We add the initial content from the content-gap analysis.
  • Schema, Title Tags, optimizing for Google Search Snippets.
  • ...and probably a lot more.
  • We basically prepare your site for success, then we run the website audit again to verify that errors have been fixed and content has been optimized.

The Quick Wins

SEO is a long and time consuming process. We therefore start by identifying pages on your site which are already ranking to see if it makes sense optimizing these pages for instant rank improvements and quick ROI.

Link Building

Now that your site has been set up for ranking success, we get down to the most time consuming, but also most valuable, part of the whole search engine optimization process; getting those links.

Never listen to so-called experts saying you should create great content and the traffic will follow. It’s not true.Good content alone ain't enough. You simply need good quality inbound links… and that normally included a mix of the following:
  • Strategic Guest Post Outreach: We reach out to bloggers and get links on your behalf. We also notify other websites in your niche about the high quality linkable content on your website and ask if they could be interested in linking to this resource as it would benefit their audience.
  • Infographic Outreach: Much like guest post outreach, but where we use infographics as content.
  • Statistics Outreach: This is something you see very few others do and basically it’s about creating your own statistics which other websites will love linking to.
  • Niche Site Exploitation: We find aged websites in your niche and reach out to the owner asking if we can update their content or help their content staying fresh with some new tidbits and in return gain a backlink. The good thing about this strategy is that we get links from already indexed content and often from posts with organic traffic.
  • Content Syndication: Get your content on high-traffic news sites.
  • Local citation building.
  • Social Media Signals: Still as important as ever.     
  • ...and more!

After this initial phase which normally takes around 6-8 weeks, we continue with link building, adding content, monitoring your site and building on what works.

NOTE: We never pay for backlinks as this is against the search engines terms of service and can get your site penalized. When you hire us, you pay us to do the work (which is ok by Google), but you do not pay for the actual link.

Do I Need a SEO Agency?

Can you do all of this yourself, without hiring us or any other SEO Agency?

Sure you can.

But it takes a lot of time to learn and master, and the tools ain’t all that cheap either.

If you want to learn more about SEO right from the horse's mouth, Go to Google’s SEO course. We also strongly recommend The Guide To SEO from Search Engine Land which is spot on and updated!

And… if you want to learn SEO yourself and need some SEO coaching - We are available for that as well. >> Just Click Here! <<

What Are Past & Current Clients Saying?

We were skeptical at first, but when the leads [from] the first PPC campaign came rolling in we were sold. Since then we have used Martin and his “geek-team” for both PPC and SEO on two more websites…

Buy Website Traffic

Rüdger W.

Lead generation expert and owner of multiple casino affiliate sites

We had three pages hovering around page five of Google and six pages ranking on page one and two before we contacted you. Each page ranked for one or two keywords each. Now we have 133 keywords ranking on page one [top 10] with 50+ in top three positions. And it’s growing from month to month. THANK YOU!

SEO for Levi Bitton

Levi Bitton

Full-time webpreneur

We Do Search Engine Optimization for all Markets and Niches

We do not discriminate between single entity marketers with a small affiliate website, a local law firm or a small business owner…

If we are confident we can help you build brand awareness and turn a profit at the same time, we will help you!

Most of the top SEO firms only deal with the likes of The Coca Cola Company, Hertz and big companies with SEO budgets of six figures or more. To even onboard a client like that you need to set a side a huge team of sales people – and that costs money. A lot of it. And the client pays for that sales process.

We don’t work like that…

Our on-boarding process is lean and painless. We could be working on your search engine optimization campaign in as little as 2-5 days from now (Unless there’s a waiting list).

Success loves speed.

So Move Fast.

Are you Ready?

Yes or No?

If No – No hard feelings. Maybe you need more info. Maybe you want to work with a different company. Fine.

If Yes – Great! Let’s talk and see if we could be a good fit for each other.

Contact Us Today and We’ll Show You How You Can Bring You Multiply Your Business!


What if I can't find my questions here?

You can always contact us here.

Are you offering the cheapest seo services?

When it comes to SEO it is rarely a good idea to go with the cheapest SEO services. While we understand that any business needs to save money, SEO is probably not the best place to cut corners. Cheap SEO Services most likely offer cookie-cutter services, using automated link-wheels to build spammy backlinks. This used to work in 2006 but not anymore. These types of links may give your website a short spike in rankings, but it will not last and in worst case Google will throw your site out its index.

SEO done right is time consuming and requires a high level of knowledge. There is simply no way to get real Search Engine Optimization for hundred bucks a month. Don't be another victim to scruplous sellers offering the cheapest seo packages. They're just a waste of money as they will rarely increase ROI.

If you are looking for a low cost solution, we do have a suggestion, though:

Have us conduct a thorough SEO Website Audit which will provide you with the errors you need to fix on your website before doing ANY off-page activities like link building. Get the report. Fix the issues.

Then you can choose to learn SEO and do it yourself, or hire us to conduct a linkbuilding campaign which is much cheaper than a full-stack SEO campaign.

Is this a monthly seo service?

Yes, the full-stack SEO campaigns are designed so that the first three months are paid in bulk before the work start. Then after the initial first three months you can choose to continue on your own, continue with our fully managed monthly seo service or a combination where you do the work, but where Martin Sand act as a consultant.

If you choose to continue with our monthly seo service you have a 100% hands-off service where we monitor, update and build links for continuous growth. The monthly seo service is paid upfront for 30 days and can be cancelled at anytime with a 14-days notice.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Due to the nature of our services we cannot offer any money back guarantee. The only time we can offer money back is if we have failed to deliver the services which has yet to happen. You can cancel at anytime after the first 3 months.

Can you guarantee top 3 rankings in google?

It would be both unethical and impossible to guarantee certain search engine rankings. It is beyond our control and no other legitimate SEO company can offer such guarantee.

Is seo needed? I heard seo is dead...

SEO was dead in 2009, SEO was dead in 2012 and SEO was dead in 2017. Of course it's not! Just like Facebook Ads are dead, Solo Ads are Dead.... Consider the source. All those "That is Dead" claims comes from people trying to sell you the opposite service or tool.  If I want to sell you a course on paid advertising I will say "forget about SEO - it's expensive and takes time. Use my [insert snake oil product] and make bazillions of cash today!" Nothing is Dead. Everything works for someone, and everything works when done right. Of course there are obsolete tactics and short-cuts but we do not use that. We use the same long-lived strategies now that worked many years ago: Create good content, and generate solid backlinks from sites with high authority.

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