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Any and all websites need visitors in order to succeed. We have provided guaranteed website traffic since 2004 and we have always delivered high-quality, dependable * real human * website traffic through partnerships with various ad networks over the years.

However, as the entry price to buy website traffic always has been relatively low, people tend buy traffic without really know – or understand – what they are actually buying.

We saw a lot of examples (and I mean A LOT!) of businesses with websites lacking basic Call-To-Action words or buttons on their sites, with no sales funnels in place, often with no way to collect leads…. or bloggers with ugly blogs and the thinnest content… and they would then complain that no one bought their services and ask for refunds.

Most to-be clients must see an offer seven times or more before they decide to buy… You really need to reel them in with re-targeting ads, collect leads and follow up thoroughly. If you don’t, you’ll lose the game. This is particularly true when you buy visitors to your website. You get just that one shot at selling. You must get them hooked!

In addition to all of this, the world of traffic sellers is infested with scammers, fake traffic aká bots or paid to surf micro-workers. Bots don’t buy your products, neither does paid-to-surf-micro-workers.

So, as a result we decided to discontinue our “Buy Website Traffic” services.

We Have Replaced The “WebTraffic Services” With Something MUCH BETTER

I may have lots of years under my belt, but I have never claimed to be the smartest guy around. There are always younger and brighter minds out there and that’s why I so strongly believe in building a solid team – and the team we have not is just “WOW!”

We put our heads together and came up with a new battle plan to provide you with the absolutely best solutions available anywhere.

“We were skeptical at first, but when the leads [from] the first PPC campaign came rolling in we were sold. Since then we have used Martin and his “geek-team” for both PPC and SEO on two more websites…”

Buy Website TrafficRüdger W.
Lead generation expert and owner of three casino affiliate sites

The best solution for any blogger, business owner, and other online entrepreneurs is not “website traffic” – it is not fly-by techniques or loopholes…. It all boils down to selecting one (or all!) of these main core strategies and execute them well:

1: Google SEO: Set your website up for success, fix all errors and do proper on-page SEO optimization. Execute a good keyword plan. Then add amazing content BEFORE starting the link-building outreach campaign.

Search Engine Optimization is a *long term strategy* and you can’t expect great results in weeks, or maybe even months. Most of our clients start seeing slow growth from around month one or two with explosive results around month 4-6 when everything have been put into place and executed to a tee.

2: Adwords PPC: Your fast track to traffic and leads! Paid traffic from Google can be expensive and even some of the best agencies are having trouble turning a profit for their clients. We are different: As we are very picky with who we work with when it comes to PPC campaigns, we only take on clients we are confident in turning a profit for. We do not work with eCommerce sites for instance.

We focus on lead generating campaigns and where our competitors are lucky to get a 1% optin-rate, we are receiving consistent two-digit optin rates because of our proven (yet individually customized) lead generation pages. Combined with well-executed Search Engine Optimization an Adwords PPC campaign will bring in leads and traffic while you wait for your SEO results to kick in.

3: Social Media Marketing – Social media is great for building brand awareness, increasing search engine rankings (Google consider social signals as one of many ranking factors) and bring in leads and eventually sales. When it comes to social media consistency is an absolute key to success. Unless you are already posting to all your social media accounts minimum three days a week you are not doing a good enough job. We can handle all your social media marketing!

…and for Total Google Domination: Use them all three in a killer symbiosis!

Confused about the differences between SEO and PPC? Read this google article.

SEO, PPC and SMM… Really, Martin!? Is that what makes your team so special? “Every” agency sells these services.

Glad you asked! 🙂

Short answer: The devil is in the details.

It’s about how we plan and execute your campaigns.

It’s about how we combine old-skool methods with new technologies and how we analyze data to pick the low-hanging fruits and “attack” the search engines all-guns blazing berserker style.

You’re competitors will have no clue what hit them.

We do all of this 100% ethically of course.

Everything is white-hat and transparrent.

No dirty tricks (unless you want us to!;)

Our main goal is to provide you with the highest quality service possible. No matter wetter we are working on your SEO campaign, PPC lead generation strategies or managing your Social Media, we always strive to do our utmost to bring you new clients and increase your sales. That’s our number one priority.

You can always tap into our hundreds of years of combined experience whenever you need guidance or help moving your business forward. We believe in going the extra mile for our customers, and I am personally only a chat, email or phone call away.

buy website traffic from us – guaranteed transparency

Buy website traffic ( PPC, Social Media or SEO) from us and you are guaranteed transparency.

We hide nothing from you. You receive regular reports and can always ask us anything regarding your campaigns.

Buy Website Traffic from someone with high retention rates

High retention rates usually mean solid services.

We have gained valuable knowledge and experience over the last twenty years allowing us to maintain the highest possible quality. We monitor our customers websites and campaigns 24/7 and if issues occur we are there to help you fix it. To date we don’t have a single negative review so our monitoring is obviously paying off. It’s a win-win situation: Our customers get Quality Traffic, and we get a very high retention rate.

Except for our SEO campaigns which have a minimum term to allow us to work consistently on your website, the Adwords PPC and Social Media Mangement services have no minimum term. Yet, retention rate is exceptionally high.

Buy Website Traffic With confidence from a company successfully turning clicks into paying customers since 2004!

We are maybe not the cheapest in the business but the quality and detail of our service will bring you much more traffic, qualified leads and eventually profit than many of the boiler room companies.

So… Are you Ready?

Yes or No?

If No – No hard feelings. Maybe you need more info. Maybe you want to work with a different company. Fine.

If Yes – Great! Let’s talk and see if we could be a good fit for each other.

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