AIWiseMind Review: The Ultimate Autoblogging Tool?

Ai Wise Mind Review

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User Experience


Very easy to use. If you have worked with WordPress before, you will be up and running in 5 minutes!

Yay or Nay


Price / Value


Excellent price/value for the packages valued $37 and upwards.

AIWiseMind is an innovative content writing tool that has taken the world of autoblogging by storm. As experts in the industry, we have thoroughly tested and evaluated this tool to provide you with a comprehensive review. In this article, we will explore the features, integration options, and benefits of AIWiseMind for affiliates and digital marketers.

Whether you are an experienced professional or just starting in the field, AIWiseMind offers a range of functionalities that can significantly enhance your content creation process.

Introduction to AiWiseMind (ak√° Ai Wise Mind)

AIWiseMind differentiates itself from other content writing tools by prioritizing quality over quantity.

Instead of producing generic and shallow content, AIWiseMind aims to create extensive narratives that are filled with depth and character. This unique approach ensures that the content generated by AIWiseMind stands out from the crowd and engages readers on a deeper level.


If you're in the market for a powerful and efficient content writing tool, look no further than AIWiseMind.

Like with any other AI tool, this tool is not perfect. However, it is the easiest and most powerful AI blogging tool I have laid my hands on to date. Way beyond the likes of Jasper etc which are merely tools to help the writer come up with ideas.

This ultimate autoblogging tool is designed to prioritize quality over quantity, ensuring that your content is top-notch. With sequential prompts, AIWiseMind helps you create extensive narratives that are filled with depth and character. Plus, it's SEO-optimized, adhering to Google's guidelines for maximum visibility. But AIWiseMind doesn't stop there - it seamlessly integrates with WordPress websites, offering additional functionalities to enhance your blogging experience. Whether you're an affiliate or a digital marketer, AIWiseMind is the perfect solution for creating premium, SEO-infused content.

We are launching new websites each month, and they are all powered by AIWiseMind! 

So why wait? Get ready to take your content creation and management processes to the next level with AIWiseMind.

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Key Features of AIWiseMind

One of the standout features of AIWiseMind is its use of sequential prompts. These prompts guide the AI in creating a cohesive and logical flow of content. By providing the AI with specific prompts, users can shape the direction of the content and ensure it aligns with their desired theme or topic. The tool also allows users to add their own creative input and make adjustments to the generated text, further enhancing its customization capabilities.

Another impressive feature of AIWiseMind is its ability to produce SEO-optimized content. The tool adheres to Google's guidelines, ensuring that the content generated is structured in a way that enhances search engine visibility. This feature alone can greatly benefit digital marketers and affiliates, as it helps drive organic traffic to their websites and improve their overall online presence.

AIWiseMind provides a range of features that make it a standout content writing tool for autoblogging. Let's take a closer look at some of its key functionalities.

AiWiseMind Main Features

  • Upto 3000+ words per article (Some of our articles are nearly 5000 words long!)
  • Connect to unlimited websites (WordPress only)
  • Create informational posts
  • Create Amazon Review posts with automatically image and affiliate link insertions
  • Create a review of any product from url
  • Insert images, AI images, videos, links.
  • Automatically create internal links on your website (Beta)
  • Choose AI model (GPT 3.5+/Turbo, GPT4 etc)
  • Auto-schedule posts
  • Choose between posting as draft, pending or published.
  • Nearly-ready-to-publish quality (I recommend human editing, but if you run autoblogs you can publish as is. 95% of the content is good enough!)
  • Install WordPress websites automatically with templates and plugins directly from AiWiseMind using the site wizard. This is an excellent feature for people who are new to WordPress, SEO and digital marketing in general.

Let's look at a few of these features in more detail...

Content Customization

Ai Wise Mind Review

Facsimile from Ai Wise Mind

AIWiseMind offers extensive content customization options. Users can shape the generated content by providing sequential prompts and by making adjustments to the text as needed. This level of control ensures that the content aligns with the user's vision and specific requirements, resulting in a highly customized output. If you are experienced in creating AI prompts, you will find good use of the customization option. If you are new to AI prompting, you can skip the customization for now and focus on the main features of AiWiseMind.


AIWiseMind allows users to schedule posts in advance. This feature is particularly useful for maintaining a consistent flow of content on websites. Users can plan their content calendar and set specific publication dates and times, ensuring that their audience always has fresh and engaging content to consume.

Automated Media Embedding

With AIWiseMind, media embedding becomes a breeze. The tool automatically detects relevant media elements, such as images and videos, and intelligently embeds them within the generated content. This automation saves users the hassle of manually sourcing and adding media, further streamlining the content creation process.

Content Creation with AIWiseMind

AIWiseMind excels in producing high-quality and engaging content that is perfect for autoblogging. Let's delve into the key aspects that make this tool a game-changer for content creators.

Sequential Prompts

The sequential prompts feature of AIWiseMind empowers users to guide the direction of the content generated by the AI. Users can provide specific prompts that help the AI understand the desired theme, tone, and purpose of the content. This level of control ensures that the generated content remains consistent with the user's vision while taking advantage of the AI's language generation capabilities.

Ai Wise Mind Review

Quality and Depth

AIWiseMind prioritizes quality and depth when generating content. Unlike other autoblogging tools that produce generic and shallow content, AIWiseMind takes the extra step to create narratives that captivate readers. By providing extensive input through sequential prompts, users can shape the content to be more informative, engaging, and customized to their target audience.

Ai Wise Mind Campaign

Campaign set-up part one

SEO-Optimized Content

One of the key advantages of AIWiseMind is its ability to produce SEO-optimized content. The tool follows Google's guidelines, ensuring that the generated content is structured in a way that enhances search engine visibility. With AIWiseMind, affiliates and digital marketers can create content that not only engages readers but also ranks higher in search engine results pages. This can lead to increased organic traffic and better conversions for their websites.

We also found that AiWiseMind excels at claiming"position zero" ranking results - getting the feature snippet!


Campaign set-up part two


You can create Amazon product reviews or reviews from any other link (Clickbank products for instance). You can even add the Amazon category page link and have AiWiseMind create a review for each product in that category. If you have an Amazon API you can get images directly from Amazon, being 100% compliant with their TOS.

Creating Amazon Reviews have never been easier.

Works In Any Language

If ChatGPT can write it, so can Ai Wise Mind. This is not 100% error free, but from our tests in various Scandinavia languages we find the results to be extra ordinarily good. Also, AiWiseMind has helped us achive several "Position Zero Rankings" in Google, also known as the feature snippets. This is how good the content is!


Integration with WordPress

AIWiseMind seamlessly integrates with WordPress, a popular content management system used by millions of websites worldwide. Let's explore the benefits of this integration and the additional functionalities it provides.

Seamless Integration

Integrating AIWiseMind with a WordPress website is a breeze. The tool offers a user-friendly plugin that can be easily installed and activated within your WordPress dashboard. Once integrated, users can access the AIWiseMind interface directly from their WordPress admin panel, making the content creation process even more convenient and efficient.

It also installs themes and plugins automatically, possibly making it the most newbie friendly autoblogging tool available today. If you want to just post to your own theme or existing website, you can of course do that as well.

Additional Functionality

By integrating AIWiseMind with WordPress, users unlock a host of additional functionalities. These include seamless publishing of AI-generated content directly to their WordPress website, automatic management of content updates and revisions, and the ability to schedule posts in advance. This integration makes AIWiseMind a powerful tool for automating content creation and management processes, saving users valuable time and effort.

Drip feeding content is a breeze!

AIWiseMind for Affiliates and Digital Marketers

AIWiseMind is specifically designed to cater to the needs of affiliates and digital marketers. Let's explore how this tool can empower these professionals to create premium, SEO-infused content.

Premium Content Creation

For affiliates and digital marketers, the quality of content plays a crucial role in attracting and retaining their audience.

With AIWiseMind, creating premium content becomes simpler and more efficient. The AI-driven tool ensures that the generated content is engaging, informative, and tailored to the target audience. This can greatly enhance the credibility and reputation of affiliates and digital marketers, ultimately leading to better conversions and increased revenue.

Creating content for clients? Use AiWiseMind and a bit of human editing to speed up the content creation. 

SEO-Infused Content

Search engine optimization is a key aspect of any successful online marketing strategy. AIWiseMind's ability to produce SEO-optimized content gives affiliates and digital marketers a competitive edge. By adhering to Google's guidelines, the tool ensures that the generated content is structured in a way that helps it rank higher in search engine results. This increased visibility can drive organic traffic to the websites of affiliates and digital marketers, resulting in better exposure and more opportunities for conversion.


AIWiseMind harnesses the power of AI to automate content creation and management processes. This automation saves affiliates and digital marketers significant time and effort by streamlining repetitive tasks. The tool allows users to schedule posts in advance, ensuring a consistent flow of content on their websites.

With AIWiseMind, affiliates and digital marketers can focus more on strategy and overall business growth, knowing that their content creation needs are being efficiently handled by the tool.

No more manually creating content, manually searching for images or adding affiliate links manually. With AiWiseMind all is taken care of.

Tutorials and Support

AIWiseMind understands that users may need guidance and support throughout their content generation journey. To ensure a smooth and successful experience, the platform provides comprehensive tutorials and support resources.

Content Generation Process

AIWiseMind offers detailed tutorials that walk users through the content generation process. These tutorials cover everything from getting started with the tool to advanced techniques for maximizing its potential.

Users can follow along with step-by-step instructions, allowing them to quickly master the art of generating high-quality content using AIWiseMind.

If you are brand new to WordPress, SEO or online money making in general, the learning curve is of course steeper than if you already know all the details. If you are tech savvy, I am sure you can set up AiWiseMind and post your first posts in less than an hours. If tech is hard for you, probably a bit more time is needed.

If you are an experienced online marketer, you will be up and running in 5-15 minutes tops!


Guidance and Support

In addition to tutorials, AIWiseMind provides responsive customer support to address any queries or concerns users may have. The support team is readily available to assist users in navigating the tool, troubleshooting issues, and offering expert advice on content creation. This level of guidance and support ensures that users can make the most out of AIWiseMind and optimize their content creation process.

Pricing and Payment

AIWiseMind operates on a pricing model that requires a separate payment for OpenAI API usage. While AIWiseMind utilizes the OpenAI API, it offers a more comprehensive content creation solution than OpenAI alone. The additional functionalities, seamless integration with WordPress, and user-friendly interface make AIWiseMind a worthwhile investment for affiliates and digital marketers.

Fret not, OpenAi costs just a few cents per article.

AiWiseMind Price

AIWiseMind offers various prices ranging from $12-297/month. You want to stay clear of the $12 subscription because it does not come with the automation tools, instead all the other ones includes these features and the only difference is the amount of articles you can create. The $37 package lets you create 100 articles a month and includes all the advanced content creation capabilities. Whether you are a beginner looking to create basic content or an experienced professional in need of premium quality output, AIWiseMind has got you covered. The tool provides different levels of content creation options, allowing users to tailor their experience to their specific needs and budget.

The $37 package is probably a good start for most, but once you get the hang of this tool, or if you are an experienced marketer knowing how to do proper keyword research, you will easily find your self running out of credits. 

The $97 package would be my recommendation and a safe bet for most, allowing you to create and post 500 articles a month.

With the $297/mo subscription you can create and post 3000 articles to your WordPress site a month.  

These are just example packages and there are a few more to choose from.


AIWiseMind leverages the power of OpenAI API to generate its high-quality content. To access this API, users need to subscribe to the OpenAI service, which comes with its own pricing structure. It is essential to consider the costs associated with the OpenAI API when budgeting for AIWiseMind.

Comprehensive Content Creation

Despite the additional cost of the OpenAI API, AIWiseMind offers a comprehensive package for content creation. With its extensive customization options, SEO optimization, automation capabilities, and seamless WordPress integration, AIWiseMind provides excellent value for money. The ability to create premium, SEO-infused content that engages readers and drives organic traffic makes AIWiseMind a valuable tool for any affiliate or digital marketer.

Final Verdict: The Ultimate Autoblogging Tool

After a thorough examination of AIWiseMind's features, integration options, and benefits, it is clear that this tool is the ultimate autoblogging solution. Let's summarize our findings and provide a final recommendation.

AIWiseMind vs. OpenAI

While AIWiseMind utilizes the OpenAI API, it offers a more user-friendly and comprehensive content creation solution than OpenAI alone. AIWiseMind's extensive customization options, SEO optimization, and seamless WordPress integration set it apart as the superior choice for affiliates and digital marketers.


Based on our evaluation, we highly recommend AIWiseMind as the go-to autoblogging tool for affiliates and digital marketers. The tool's emphasis on quality, extensive customization capabilities, SEO optimization, seamless WordPress integration, and responsive support make it an invaluable asset in the content creation process. By investing in AIWiseMind, affiliates and digital marketers can create premium, SEO-infused content that captivates readers, enhances online visibility, and drives organic traffic.

About the author

This article was written by Martin Sand, a marketing coach and affiliate SEO with 20+ years of experience ranking his own- and client websites. 

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