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Social media marketing services has become a huge buzz term over the last several years. Every business wants it and knows it’s important (although many don’t know exactly why) and due to the demand, marketing firms all over the place started offering it, whether or not they had any idea of what they were doing. You see, up until recently, there were no clear fundamental best practices for social media marketing services and there wasn’t a lot of information to gauge what made one campaign more successful than another. Some people gauged success by the amount of “likes” or “followers” they received, others gauged it by the immediate return on investment.

The problem is, with all of this confusion, many marketing firms began positioning themselves as “experts” because they knew they could play off the ignorance of businesses who wanted to take advantage of various social media marketing services. They would charge a ridiculous amount of money and return metrics reports that didn’t make a lot of sense, but sounded solid on the surface, which caused a lot of businesses to keep paying for social media marketing that was literally doing absolutely nothing to grow their business or reach their goals.

So, the question is, how can you tell who to trust and who not to trust when it comes to social media marketing?

Our Three Step Approach To the social media marketing services we offer are…

Strategy — Any good marketing firm offering SMM (social media marketing) as one of its services understands that each type of business requires an individual strategy, because each business has a different market and different goals (customer loyalty, brand awareness, customer feedback, larger reach, marketing competitions, increased revenue). Those offering SMM that you should watch out for are ones that offer blanket  solutions and think that Social Media Marketing success is based solely off of the amount of traffic you’re able to gain.

However, a marketing firm that actually knows what they’re doing understands that quality trumps quantity. 500 new likes on your Facebook page consisting of people who are not in your target market and that do not serve your company’s individual goal is less valuable than just 10 new “likes” that are more likely to participate in your content, share your content, and become long-term customers. Therefore, it all really comes down to strategy.

Realism – Many people and companies offering social media marketing services out there will sit back and tell you how valuable their services are — they’ll explain how you’re going to make more money and how vital it is for you to jump on the bandwagon.

Is social media an integral part of any business’s marketing platform?

Yes, of course.

However, does social media play the same important role in every type of business?

No, not at all.

For example, when it comes to social media marketing services for restaurants, it’s incredibly important. People eating at your restaurant want to post about their experiences, share the food they’re eating with their friends online, and communicate with the restaurant itself.

But, let’s say you are looking for social media marketing for realtors, you have a completely different goal, and that is to sell listings and to build buzz around them, and the approach is going to be completely different. Are you going to sell listings strictly from social media? Maybe, but more likely, it’s spreading the word that’s going to be the benefit as well as answering questions and allowing more accessibility.

Reality is very important in SMM, if you’re contacting a firm that makes it sound like all of your problems as a business are going to be solved with this type of marketing, meaning your revenue is going to jump up and you won’ t have to worry about other forms of marketing ever again, then stay away.

SMM works differently for every type of business and goal, a trustworthy marketing firm will tell you the ins and outs and not promise you some kind of unlimited potential.

Creativity and Integration – Finally, it’s important for any great firm offering social media marketing services to provide creative integration with other forms of marketing, rather than make you think that SMM is going to stand on it’s own. SMM is only truly effective when it integrates seamlessly in with your other forms of marketing such as television, radio, direct mail, and direct marketing. If an agency says that all you need is their SMM to make you a success, steer clear.

We always recommend Social Media Marketing Services to be a part of your Search Engine Optimization plan or your in addition to your Adwords PPC Campaigns.

However, a well executed and full-blown social media marketing campaign will stand very well on its own feet.

we understand your needs and work with you to increase conversions

We understands how to use its social media marketing services the most effective way for your individual goals, business type, and audience. We will consult with you personally on every level to develop a personalized strategy and constantly tweak our approach to your marketing to ensure you receive the best, most realistic results so that you can concentrate on your business and reap the benefits of this type of marketing.

We offer the following:

  • Social media marketing for chiropractors
  • Social media marketing for dentists
  • Social media marketing for hotels
  • Social media marketing for Realtors
  • Social media marketing for restaurants
  • Social media marketing for management
  • Social media marketing for small business
  • … and much, much more

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