Top 12 Highest Paying CBD Affiliate Programs Ranked & Reviewed

CBD Affiliate Programs

Disclaimer: This article may contain affiliate links. If you choose to purchase anything through the links below I may receive a small commission at no cost to you. However, these are all tools/services I have tested and the opinions in this article are all mine and not colored by any monetary incentives. You can read my full affiliate disclosure in my Affiliate Disclosure.

Before we dive into the overview of the Highest Paying CBD Affiliate Programs, let’s have a look at some recent market facts.

Cannabidiol products have gained a lot of popularity over the last few years. The CBD market is still developing with great potential for the future. Taking into consideration that CBD products are somewhat new and revolutionary, one may wonder if there is enough demand to meet the high amount of new CBD products being unleashed on the marketplace every month. 

Right now, we are at the very beginning of what seems to be a long uphill trend as CBD products of all kinds seem to increase in popularity.

As a matter of fact, CBD products have proven to be very beneficial for our health, especially for curing certain types of medical conditions. Via their "cooperation" with our endocannabinoid system, cannabidiols can provide us with various health benefits and they can assist us in tackling medical conditions such as epilepsy and depression.  

After the legalization of cannabis, a very successful market developed. According to Business Inside, it is estimated that the legal cannabis industry might be worth 42.7 Billion US Dollars by 2024.

When it comes to this market's customers, a Consumer Reports survey conducted in 2019 - with a total amount of 4000 participants- focusing on age range, showed that 55% of participants between 30-59 years old have tried CBD when 40% of participants between 18-29 years old have tried CBD.

Sure, not all CBD companies are gonna make it. The competition is just too fierce. However, here are some of the best- and highest paying - CBD affiliate programs to promote right now…

Our Methodology - How we chose the Best CBD Affiliate Programs

I have been testing the CBD niche for a while and based on our testing, and the results from other affiliate sites, we rated these affiliate programs based on conversion rates, product quality and commission percentage.

Okay, here are the best CBD affiliate programs (in no particular order):

Top 12 Highest Paying CBD Affiliate Programs In 2024


This company provides high-quality CBD products that help people with various, ofte pain-related, conditions. There are many options to choose from, but their most popular product seems to be the EdenPure7 / EdenPureX. Their CBD and Hemp products are mostly designed for pain relief, immune system boost, suitable for diets and for pets. This Company maintains its customers by being very trustworthy and client-friendly. Their refund policy is much praised. In addition, they provide quality products at affordable prices.

Their site is very professional and insightful as well, since they offer a lot of (medical) information about their products, especially when it comes to CBD products. We have ranked this one on top based on a combination of EPC, commission percentage and conversion rate of almost 9%. Promote with confidence.

Commission Rate: 22%

Cookie Duration: 90 Days

ShareAsale 30-Day EPC: $412


Green Gorilla

GG specializes in CBD products exclusively. Any kind of CBD product that is in the market, is available on this site! Their team produces all kinds of products and at very good prices! Their site is very professional and organized. As an affiliate for Green Gorilla you can promote CBD oil, gummies, pet care, capsules and skin care products. Also your visitors clicking through to GG will be pleased to see that everything they need to know about the products (how they are produced, who produces them, their benefits) is easily available on their site. GG is a very transparent company. Their offers are some of the best-selling products in the CBD market right now and their affiliate team is responsive and very helpful.

Commission Rate: 15%

Cookie Duration: 120 Days!

ShareAsale 30-Day EPC: $657

RESET Bioscience (NanoCBD)

With a highly scientific approach and claims that their CBD is the fastest absorbing CBD available, due to their nano-liposomal delivery system, there is no wonder why this company is a favorite amongst CBD users. By just taking a look at their site you can easily understand that their work is very professional and scientific. Despite that, they provide lots of easy-to read (and understand) information about their products and how to use CBD. They provide one product only and that is the RESET Balance, a hemp-driven, THC free CBD tincture with pure organic CBD.

Commission Rate: 15%

Cookie Duration: 90 Days

ShareAsale 30-Day EPC: $684.76

Savage CBD

Cannabinoid products are their asset. They sell everything that is related to CBD and they are known for the quality of the products and the good prices. There are many affordable choices as well as various products. This company is also considered to be one of the most successful in the CBD market. They also offer one of the best affiliate programs, since affiliates can gain up to 35% commission (per sale) with a cookie duration of 90 days.

The main reason they are not featured higher on this list, is that currently some of the other CBD companies have a better 30-Day EPC (which of course can change from month to month). Known for their young (18+) audiences and their "cool" products, they are also very active on social media. Affiliates and Instagram influencers are believed to drive a high percentage of Savage CBD’s sales. Friendly and helpful affiliate managers who will provide you with banners, coupons and possibly special deals. Don’t miss out on this one, sign up and start promoting!

Commission Rate: Up to 35%

Cookie Duration: 90 Days

ShareAsale 30-Day EPC: N/A

Green Roads CBD

A pharmacist-founded, award winning CBD company with 30.000+ five star reviews. Their site is full of information and looks very professional. They also take lab testing to a new level, so you can feel safe that your are promoting safe, quality US made products. They provide all kinds of CBD products, from CBD coffee to CBD for pets.Green Roads CBD is an affiliates favorite, and the only reason we didn’t rank it higher is the last 30-days EPC and their fairly low (12%) affiliate payout. Their products typically converts well, so even if the 12% commission rate is below average they are definitely worth checking out!

Commission Rate: Up to 12%

Cookie Duration: Up to 30 Days

ShareAsale 30-Day EPC: N/A


Joy Organics

A friendly, woman powered CBD company on the rise. Joy Organics aims to provide hazard-free and quality products and their friendly, customer-centred attitude shines through in everything they do. Their most successful CBD products are sleep, wellness, and anxiety-related. The company's most strong policy is to provide safe products, in a period when CBD products are still somewhat frowned upon because people believe they might contain THC. The company currently operates two stores, one in Colorado and one in Texas. The affiliate program is very good since an affiliate can gain a 25% commission and lucrative bonuses. 

Commission Rate: 25% + Bonuses

Cookie Duration: Lifetime!

ShareAsale 30-Day EPC: $197.12

Funky Farms

I love the company name. Funky Farms is a company that includes many CBD products as well as apparel and accessories. It is rather straightforward and simple as there is no overwhelming information on the site. All products are displayed on the home screen as well as the best-selling. This company is all about its products as it also assures the customer that everything is tested in labs and certified. In additon to the “obvious” CBD tinctures, they also sell gummies as well as vapes. Their affiliate program is exceptional and they have one of the best CBD affiliate management teams out there. An affiliate it is easy to market this company, and their commission payout rate is stunning, with a 40% commission rate!

Commission Rate: 40%

Cookie Duration: 90 Days

ShareAsale 30-Day EPC: $180.09

Original Hemp

This is a CBD company/Brand that is very client-oriented and they always have plenty of discounts and offers to choose from. They are owned / operated by Arise Bioscience that also operates Funky Farms. One cool thing about Original Hemp that I haven’t seen before, is their Hemp University - a 13 video series with in depth information about CBD, it’s use and Original Hemp’s products. All of their products are tested and approved of in labs and they offer most of the types of CBD products you would expect such as gummies, tinctures, capsules and creams.

Commission Rate: 40%

Cookie Duration: 90 Days

ShareAsale 30-Day EPC: $180.09

CBD Biocare

This Company is mostly known for its CBD skin care products but they have a wide variety of other CBD related products too. They provide a lot of relevant videos and information about CBD. They also include a lot of information that explains how CBD products are created and how they work in our organisms. As an affiliate, you can gain up to 40% commission per sale and the cookies last for 6 months- which is pretty great.

Commission Rate: 40%

Cookie Duration: 6 months

ShareAsale 30-Day EPC: N/A

CBD Pure

Unlike many of their competitors, CBD Pure only focuses on a handful of products. However, their products convert very well and they have a very responsive affiliate marketing team. Also, they have plenty of banners and visuals to choose from. Affiliates can gain up to 40% commission which is excellent.

Commission Rate: 40%

Cookie Duration: 90 Days

ShareAsale 30-Day EPC: N/A


With mentions across a lot of high-traffic mainstream media and publications such as Men’s Health and The Hollywood Reporter, combined with a lot of products to choose from, this CBD Company’s offers typically convert well. Their sleep and wellness capsules have proven to be very effective and they are also sold at affordable prices. In addition, they provide a particular CBD crème that alleviates muscle pain.

Personally, I don’t think the reviews they have on their websites look very trustworthy.They claim to have 18k+ verified reviews but when you click on the link, they only show a few reviews with no 3rd party verification. That’s a big turn-off for most customers. They do have a very beneficial affiliate program, though, and according to ShareAsale, CBDfx seem to convert pretty well. First of all, CBDfx cooperates with both RevOffers and ShareAsale (and so do a lot of other CBD affiliate programs), allowing you to choose which platform works best for you. RevOffers is basically an affiliate platform specialized in CBD offers.

We have not used this affiliate program ourselves, and the statistics is based on information available from ShareAsale.

Commission Rate: 20%

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

ShareAsale 30-Day EPC: $104.23

Hemp My Pet

Cannabidiol products can also be used by animals, most commonly dogs but products for cats and horses are also available. This company specializes in producing and marketing this particular kind of CBD products and they offer a wide range of CBD products suitable for pets. Considering that a consumer wants to know as much as possible about CBD pet products in order to give them to their pets, the company takes care of that too. There are guidelines and videos that help a pet owner learn useful advice and tips. It is also interesting how they have been on the market since 2016 and they have managed to gain a lot of popularity.

Their affiliate program is carefully managed. They offer a 30% commission and 90-day first-party cookies. Furthermore, the affiliates receive a link customizer and branded promo codes. Target pet owners with your excellent advertising and content marketing skills and you will see your affiliate income soar.

Commission Rate: 30% 

Cookie Duration: 90 Days

ShareAsale 30-Day EPC: N/A

Final Thoughts

Taking everything into consideration, we can reach the conclusion that CBD products are quite new to the world and they are somewhat revolutionary products. There is no doubt that CBD can have a positive impact on some medical conditions, yet which illnesses it is to be used for is up for debate. Also, there are a lot of unscrupulous companies, using celebrities (unknowingly) in their marketing in order to lure customers in on monthly high-priced subscriptions. Typically, these offers give away a sample bottle on the front end and then charge the customers credit card monthly for what often are CBD products of lesser quality. Steer clear of these. Instead, please promote ethically, natural products produced within the US (or EU). 

Be aware that the legal issues of CBD are not completely ironed out, and  it may be illegal to promote, import or sell CBD products in certain jurisdictions. While it is legal in most US states, there have been legal issues arising in Europe. However, CBD products produced in the EU/EEC shall now be legal to market and sell all over Europe according to this court ruling

With commissions up to 40%, long cookie periods and a fierce competition among the CBD affiliate programs to get the sale, CBD products are great ways to earn money for affiliates like us, especially since it’s a relatively fresh market.

About the author

This article was written by Martin Sand, a marketing coach and affiliate SEO with 20+ years of experience ranking his own- and client websites. 

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