6 Worth-It Fitness Affiliate Programs to Promote in 2023

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Are you a physical fitness blogger? 

Do you run a website that emphasizes nutritional value?

You may increase your income significantly by joining these high-paying fitness affiliate programs.

Probably, you have already joined a couple and are looking to expand.

These programs pay a decent commission rate on every blog and website referral. You send traffic their way to generate sales. In return, they help increase your revenue stream. Not only that, but you'll be helping a growing audience of fitness enthusiasts.

But how does that help you, except for a few quick commissions?

Experts refer to the industry as "evergreen," which means it will never go out of fashion. This industry is valued at nearly $3.7 trillion annually. It's a win-win: You make more money by encouraging people to take better care of their health. The most astonishing feature of this niche is that you can create content today and drive sales for years and years to come.

Sounds interesting? You've come to the right place! We've created a list of 6 excellent fitness affiliate programs you should consider promoting in 2024.

Let's see which ones made it onto our list!

The 6 Leading Fitness Affiliate Programs of 2022

Let’s check out some of the best affiliate programs in the fitness world.

Fitness Affiliate Programs

Natalie Jill Fitness

Natalie Jill is a health expert and high-performance coach. She also offers premium fitness gear and advice through her website. That comes in the form of interactive fitness programs, books, and a podcast. Natalie Jill also sells an assortment of supplements to boost physical fitness.

Jill’s fitness programs include quick and healthy recipes. You can also find at-home workouts, as well as a comprehensive weight loss plan. 

Being physically fit is easy with the help of exercise, rest, and healthy eating habits. These programs offer all that, and more. So much so that Jill has been featured on news sites such as Shape, Forbes, and Entrepreneur.

The Natalie Jill Fitness affiliate program offers one of the highest commission rates in the fitness niche. You can earn up to 50% of every sale and successful referrals. This affiliate program uses PayPal to pay out your commissions once they’ve reached $25.

It's a perfect match for anyone looking for a great women's fitness affiliate program to promote!

Commission: Up to 50%

Cookie Duration: “Life-long” cookie duration.


Jumpsport Fitness

Jumpsport has been around since 1995 as a trampoline manufacturing enterprise. Several years later, it entered the fitness trampoline market. It incorporates trampoline jumping to workout routines.

This company also has a series of safety products to go with their trampolines. In fact, it’s one of the first companies to introduce safety enclosures for trampolines.

These safety products help ensure maximum safety for both children and adults. Their safety nets and trampoline accessories are made of durable, high-quality products.

Jumpsport also sells trampolines for recreational uses. They offer different designs to match each product’s needs.

The Jumpsport Fitness affiliate program offers a commission of 4-8% on all new and repeat purchases. There’s also a 30-day tracking cookie period. That means you have a better chance of earning a commission from your blog. It’s one of the best ways to maximize your potential earnings.

Commission: 4-8%

Cookie Duration: 30 Days



Wahoo Fitness offers a wide selection of fitness equipment. Yet its main focus is on cycling. Not many people have the opportunity to ride their bikes outdoors. So, Wahoo makes it possible for everyone to enjoy all the benefits of cycling in the comfort of their home.

As for actual bikes, they include trackers and sensors. These measure energy output, much like a pedometer. Other products feature heart rate monitors and Bluetooth connectivity. All their products aim at providing cyclists with an easy and convenient way to stay physically fit.

The Wahoo Fitness affiliate program is set between 7.5 and 10%, depending on which product your referral buys. Commissions are paid quarterly via your PayPal account. The only catch is there’s a mandatory threshold of $100 before you’re issued any payout.

Commission: 7-10%

Cookie Duration: 7 Days

ace affiliate program

ACE Fitness

ACE Fitness aims at educating anyone who wishes to pursue a career in fitness and nutrition. They provide valid certifications, assessments, and courses. This site also offers innovative and up-to-date research and training techniques.

This platform is keen on helping professionals achieve their career goals. What makes them highly reliable is that all the information on their site is backed by science. Their experts are passionate about creating high-quality and trustworthy content to benefit all aspiring professionals.

The ACE Fitness affiliate program offers 8% on each sale of their certifications or course programs, as well as a 30-day cookie period. In return, you get text affiliate links and web banners. Place them in your social media channels, blog content, sidebars, or email signature.

Commission: 8%

Cookie Duration: 30 Days



Nike is synonymous with the health and fitness industry.

The company started in 1972 selling sneakers and has since grown to be an international brand with billions of dollars.

Nike makes and sells premium-priced shoes for sports, including professional golf.

They are also well-known for their sportswear.

Many new affiliates need clarification as to why Nike would include affiliate marketing in their business model.

Because it generates revenue.

They'll happily pay you an 11% commission for any sales that you make through your affiliate link.

We've already made a full review of the Nike Affiliate Program here, detailing where to sign up for maximum profits. Read this first!

Fitbit Affiliate Program

Fitbit Affiliate Program

Fitbit, a trailblazer in the wearable technology arena, has consistently focused on creating products that champion health and wellness. Their line of wearable watches, infused with the powerful Fitbit OS, are more than mere gadgets. They are holistic health partners that monitor personal activities, exercise routines, dietary patterns, weight metrics, and sleep habits.

For those looking to tap into the booming wearable tech industry through affiliate marketing, the Fitbit Affiliate Program is an enticing proposition. Let's delve into its key facets:

Commission: Affiliates can earn a base commission of 3% on sales.

Cookie Duration: 15 Days.

Final Thoughts

The 6 fitness affiliate programs we mentioned are some of the best available today. They offer high-paying commissions while adding a significant boost to your blog revenue.

Remember, fitness is an industry with timeless appeal. So it's up to you to create a solid link-building strategy to beat your competition.

Even though it's risk-free, earning money from sales commissions takes time and hard work. But if you're patient and follow through, you'll soon be able to create highly captivating content. 

It's a foolproof way to drive more users to your blog and increase traffic. Afterward, once you have a faithful audience, you'll start to see those profits rolling in.

If you are looking for more ideas on how to make money online, this list of ideas is for you.

Oh, and if you're new to affiliate marketing, don't forget to check out this article!

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    Great list! At Greenmoor Running (greenmoorrunning.com) we also have an affiliate program, for those who want to promote a wholeness approach to endurance running. With training plans from 5K to Full Marathon training.
    All our plans come with access to our online community, runner’s diet, core training plans, technique exercises, biometrical programs, and much more.

    Our affiliate program offers 10%-20% on sales and a 5 tier program.

    All best,
    Coach Chris

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