13 Amazing Fiverr Gig Ideas To Make Money From Home

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What Is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a marketplace where almost anyone can start a business and sell their services. The platform takes care of payments for you, and really all you need to do is to write a good presentation of your services and of course provide excellent service to your customers. 

The platform gives you a chance to make money online after setting up your profile and listing your talents. You will be able to write your request and set your pay rate, so interested clients can contact you. 

Although the name of the platform indicates that your pay rate is low, this is no longer necessarily the case. Many  providers now sell high-quality services at premium rates. Even if you would have a low pay rate, you can multiply your income by doing more work for an interested client and increase your rate as you can get more exposure. 

Why Should You Start a Business on Fiverr?

Are you looking for a side hustle? Tired of your 9 to 5 job? Fiverr is a perfect option for lots of people because you can set your own work schedule, work anywhere, and even keep your daytime job. The gig ideas below will offer you the opportunity to experiment with freelancing according to your time and availability. 

Fiverr is an excellent marketplace for talents and interested clients. Clients have a wide selection to choose from, and you can build your career as a freelancer. Whether you’re a student, stay-at-home parent, retiree, or simply trying to make some extra cash, you can start your journey by creating your profile on Fiverr. In this article, we’ll discuss 13 fantastic Fiverr gig examples that you can give a try. 

So, let’s have a look at some of the best Fiverr gigs right now that anyone can do:

Fiverr Gig Ideas

#1: Sell Your Workout and Nutrition Plan

If you’re into fitness and healthy eating, then you might want to share your experience with the world for a price. Lots of people want to lose weight and achieve a healthy body but don’t have time to head to the gym or can’t afford to go to a nutritionist. You can offer a nutrition plan with a potent workout regimen that can help people stay in shape. 

This is one of the best product based services you can offer  if you don’t have much time for freelancing. You can upload a cool video or send exercise pictures with your healthy nutrition plan and sell it to interested clients. If you want to make more money, you can offer custom-made plans depending on people’s lifestyle, weight, age, and needs.

It’s always recommended that you publish a disclaimer that this is based on your own experience and that you’re not a doctor. This will protect you from getting into legal trouble.


#2: Write Articles

If writing is your true passion, this gig might be for you. When someone has a website or a blog, they want to make sure that they’re creating the best content to provide value to their readers and visitors. 

This is why lots of clients look for talented and professional writers to craft catchy and engaging articles that people will find interesting and useful. With the increasing number of websites and blogs, content and article writing are always in demand. 

This is one of the most popular ways to earn money online because you can take as many articles as you can handle and write anywhere you like. You can specialize in a specific niche or try working on various topics. 

You might be asked to write product reviews, how-to guides, informational articles, and comparison articles. This could work for you, whether you’re a student, a stay-at-home parent, or someone who has quit their job or retired. 

#3: Do Voiceover 

Do you have a sexy accent or voice? This gig might be the right one for you, as many people aren’t comfortable using their own voices for their videos. This is an easy gig because you can simply upload a voice clip, and interested clients will be able to contact you. 

You need to invest in a good microphone to make sure that your voice is clear. This gig can become a full-time job as you can do more work for movies and YouTube channels. 

#4: Transcribing Audios and Videos

This is another popular gig due to the increasing number of YouTube channels, websites, and blogs. The client will ask you to listen to an audio file or watch a video, then write down the script. 

The idea is to make the content reach more audience, as written content will be suitable for people who enjoy reading more, have disabilities, or simply prefer to have a text that they can go back to. 

There will be several varieties of transcription gigs, as you might be asked to transcribe recipes, lectures, or even books. You can make more money by transcribing longer media files.


Best Fiverr Logo Design

#5: Create Logo Designs

The first thing potential clients notice about a business or startup is its logo. If you have some experience creating logos, this gig will be an excellent opportunity to make some extra money. The good thing is that you can accept projects depending on your availability, so you can still keep your daytime job. 

You need to create a portfolio to showcase your talent by listing previous projects, as this will give your clients an idea of what you can offer. Depending on your experience and success rate, you can charge more for logo design. 

#6: Draw Sketches and Portraits

Good at drawing or painting?  Lots of people want to buy cool and unique gifts, and you might have the talent to offer them what they want. If you’re an aspiring artist who wants to gain more exposure, you can try this gig. 

You can either sell your own sketches and portraits or offer to make custom-made sketches. Your client can send you a picture that you can recreate as a sketch or as a cartoon. This gig will work for you if you’re a busy parent or have recently retired because you can pursue your artistic passion while making some money. 

#7: Test Websites

Before launching their websites, companies need to know how it works and feels. Your experience as a user will be highly appreciated, and you will also get paid for testing the website before it’s available for the general public.

You don’t really need any setup for this gig, as you simply need a computer and internet connection. You will also need to download a screen recording software such as Screencast-o-Matic in order to document what happens when you try to use the site. You should be able to provide a detailed report of your experience. You might be asked to finish surveys or forms after using the website for a specific period. 

#8: Make Personalized Clothing Items

This gig will allow you to take your love for fashion and style up a notch. You can make personalized scarves, t-shirts, and shirts and sell them to interested clients. You can use sequin, make ruffles out of fabric, or print tie-dye garments. There are lots of cool ideas that you can try at home, and you don’t have to spend a lot of cash to start your business.

This gig will work for you if you have the time and talent to create something fashionable and unique. This business can turn into something successful if you keep on adding new and stylish items that attract fashion lovers. 

To be honest, from the list of Fiverr gigs, this is one of my favorites. First of all, if you are a creative person, or maybe young and want a fun way to make money online, this is a really cool gig. On the other hand, if you are a grown up with kids in the house, why not take the orders and let the kids do the work? Great way to get some pocket money!

#9: Social Profile Copywriter

The about or bio section tells us a lot about what you might find on a social media page or profile. While some people will hire your services to write their personal profiles, most people will hire you if they’re starting a business profile on social media platforms. You might even be asked to write the profile of other freelancers who want to set up their Fiverr profile.

Not everyone is great at writing, and some people might be too skeptical about their ability to deliver the right message. If you can write catchy phrases without exceeding the word limit, this job will be for you. 

Some of the most popular Fiverr jobs are in the social media space, so here is your chance to rake in some good extra earnings if you are looking for some easy gigs to sell.

#10: Translate Content from One Language to Another

If you’re bilingual, you can try this gig to make money from home. The idea is simple, as your client will send you a file that you have to translate to another language. If you’ve grown up speaking two languages at home, this gig will be straightforward to finish. Some languages might be in higher demand than others. 

Work can be extremely flexible as you can choose how many articles or files to translate per week. You might find some articles more challenging to translate if they need a special legal or medical background. However, if you studied any of these, you will be able to charge higher for your work. 

#11: Manage Social Media Accounts

Brands, businesses, and even famous professionals currently use social media pages and accounts for exposure and collaboration. Most of the time, they don’t have enough time to answer clients and potential collaborators' questions to focus on their business, but you can do that.

You need to have a computer, good conversational skills, and plenty of time for this job. You should post content, reply to comments, and respond to private messages. If you’re between jobs or have recently retired and are currently spending a lot of time on social media, you can make money by giving this gig a try. 

Like mentioned before, some of the best selling Fiverr gigs are in the SoMe landscape. If you are still looking for some tips on getting started, and you have some skills in social media, this is an excellent high demand service to offer.

#12: Proofread Students’ Essays

This gig is suitable for ex-tutors and anyone who has some experience with academic essay writing. When students finish important essays, they want to make sure that there are no mistakes that can affect the quality of their writing.

Your job is to read the essay, highlight points that need further work, and fix any typos, grammar, and punctuation mistakes that you find. You need to have the subject knowledge and enough time to send the task before the deadline. Foreign students will be happy to pay you for your efforts.

Screenshot of best fiverr gigs by drummers

#13: Practice your Hobbies

You can literally make money through Fiverr by selling or showing off any of the talents you have. If you’re into modeling, you can advertise your availability for modeling sessions. Anyone can do this job, as clothing brands sell clothes to young, old, slim, and overweight people. 

Describe yourself, and attach a photo of previous modeling sessions if you can. You can ask a friend to take some professional photos for your profile.

If you know how to fix cars, how to speak another language or enjoy playing an instrument, you can also sell your skills and teach people. You need to have some teaching skills and enough knowledge about a particular topic. You’ll never know how many people will be interested in learning what you have to offer.

Even something as obscure as death metal drummers, and high-pitch-screaming vocalists, are making money through Fiverr.  

How To Create a Gig on Fiverr?

It's easy. First you need to go to Fiverr.com or the app and click JOIN to create an account. You will then be asked to fill in some details and you will be ready to set up your first gig in five minutes or less. 

Once your offer has been created you will be able to receive orders, talk with possible clients through the chat system either on the website or in the app and finally get paid through PayPal. 

how to make a gig

How to Optimize a Fiverr Gig?

When you create your offer, it is important that you optimize it in order to get maximum exposure. Fiverr rely on tags, headings, text and star rating when they decide which gigs they give the most exposure. 

The best way to get rank up and get more sales is to copy the competition. Here is one way to do it:

  1. Search for the tags related to the product or service you are offering. For instance a service such as "Cartoon drawing of your dog."
  2. Find out who are getting sales and five star ratings. 
  3. Copy their descriptions, tags etc and re-write them to fit your offer.
  4. This is the tricky part - Get your first sale. My recommendation is to have a low price and overdeliver in the beginning. The low price will attract customers and going beyond your customers expectation will most likely result in five star ratings and more orders. 

Why Should You Make Money from Home?

We have created a complete guide called How To Make Money Online Fast here

In 2019, 57 million Americans tried freelancing, making more than $1 Trillion. Working from home is an amazing opportunity to increase your income if you make the right choices. Depending on the amount of effort you’re willing to give, you will be able to achieve success and have the life you’ve always dreamt of. Here are some reasons why you should try working from home. 

  • Unlike regular jobs, you can control your workload. This means that you can control the type and quantity of work you actually have to finish. You will no longer be obliged to finish a project that you don’t feel comfortable with.
  • You can choose your employers. Networking will help you get in touch with multiple clients, so you can focus on the ones you actually feel comfortable with. 
  • It allows you to have a flexible job. You can set your workdays, work hours, and take holidays whenever you want. This is an excellent option if you have to take care of your family or can’t handle a regular job due to personal circumstances. 
  • Freelancing allows you to work independently. You will be the only one responsible for the job done, and the only one taking credit for it. 
  • With a regular job, you will probably be stuck with the same tasks, doing them repeatedly because other employees will handle other tasks. Freelancing opens up doors to more opportunities, as you can expand your search and try different projects.
  • Fiverr provides one of the easiest ways to start making money from home.
Freelancing Stats

Final Thoughts

Fiverr opens doors to flexible work where you can be your own boss. Regardless of your age, family situation, and physical abilities, you can still make money to pay for your bills and provide for your family. 

Working on Fiverr is a continuous effort, as you will always have to go back and update your profile with relevant information. Make sure that you give it your best, and satisfied clients will leave good reviews that attract more potential customers. The previous 13 Fiverr gig ideas are all in high demand, so why don’t you give any of them a try? You’ll never know where this could take you. 


About the author

This article was written by Martin Sand, a marketing coach and affiliate SEO with 20+ years of experience ranking his own- and client websites. 

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