The 14 Best NFT Affiliate Programs [2022]

My AI art

Disclaimer: This article may contain affiliate links. If you choose to purchase anything through the links below I may receive a small commission at no cost to you. However, these are all tools/services I have tested and the opinions in this article are all mine and not colored by any monetary incentives. You can read my full affiliate disclosure in my Affiliate Disclosure.

Our Top 3 NFT Affiliate Program Picks:

$10 - $20 Per Sign-up

30 Days Cookie


10% Commission

30 Days Cookie

NFT Affiliate Program

15% Commission Per Sale

7 Days Cookie

Recently, buying and selling NFT art has become a huge thing.

The most expensive collection of NFT art sold for $91.8 Million(1)!

So, how can you tap into that profit source?

One of the (best?) ways to make money with NFTs is through affiliate marketing. The best NFT affiliate programs will offer you the most opportunities to earn from this cryptocurrency / Crypto-Art trend.

To make the most of NFT marketing opportunities, it is imperative to have a proper understanding of your target audience. 

You need to understand what they want and what drives them to purchase products and services. By knowing your audience, you can create content that resonates with them and attract new followers. 

In addition to that, once you get the hang of what ticks with your audience, you can use giveaway campaigns to draw new users to your offers.

Our Methodology - How we chose the Best NFT Affiliate Programs

We have access to many websites in many different niches. This is either because they are our own or we operate them for others. Or because we manage their marketing campaigns. These sites include sites that are related to cryptocurrency, NFT and other  alternative finances.

Therefore, we began by looking at affiliate programs that we used ourselves. We rated them on the basis of conversion rates, product quality and commission percentage.

We also looked at other NFT affiliate websites and tried to find out which ones have the most success.

Alright, enough of the chit-chat. 

Here are the best NFT affiliate programs as of today (in no particular order): NFT affiliate program offers a unique commission structure. You receive a commission every time a customer makes a qualifying purchase through your link. 

The affiliate program also includes support, creatives, and a dedicated account manager.

For new customers, this program offers a one-time-per-transaction option or recurring revenue model. Other options include a revenue-sharing model, a cost-per-lead or sale model, and a weekly or monthly commission.

For more experienced crypto marketers, there is no better way to promote crypto than with a hardware wallet. Hardware wallets are a staple in the intermediate and advanced crypto world. Unlike software wallets, hardware wallets can also be a lucrative affiliate opportunity.

However, the affiliate program does not have a subscription component, so it may not be the best option for those seeking a recurring, passive, income stream. 

Commission: $10-20 per sign-up

Cookie: 30 days affiliate program



The Binance NFT Affiliate Program allows you to earn commissions on new accounts created by your referrals. The program has a minimum threshold for referrals and commissions are paid in real-time. To join, you must register with the program and confirm your email address. If your referrals are successful, you will receive 50 percent of the trading fee as commission.

As with any affiliate program, the Binance NFT Affiliate Program has certain terms and conditions and should be reviewed before becoming a member. These terms may change from time to time. For example, if Binance changes their affiliate commission policies, the program may cease to be active.

We have used Binance to trade crypto since 2020, and can testify that their products are solid and secure. Excellent customer support as well.

Learn all about NFTs at the Binance Academy.

Commission: Up to 50% of fees

Cookie: Not specified



The OKX NFT Affiliate Program offers its affiliates the opportunity to earn 60% of trading fees. To qualify as an affiliate, you must first create an account with OKX. Once you've set up an account, you can invite others to join the program by sharing your link. Sub-affiliates must also be registered with OKX.

Once you've completed the application process, you can begin earning. This program is for new and recurring users.

Sub-affiliates are also eligible to earn ten percent of trading commission. The commissions are credited to your funding account within T+1 days. OKX also provides support to affiliates, including in-depth content, community collaborations, and airdrops.

Commission: Up to 50% of fees plus percentages of sub-affiliates

Cookie: Not specified



Don’t know what Sorare is? 

You remember those football cards and baseball collector cards from the old days, right?

This is that, just as NFTs. 

Officially licensed by the sports clubs and each cards uniqueness is confirmed by the blockchain.

The Sorare NFT Affiliate Program has a number of benefits for affiliates. 

For one, it offers a high-traffic opportunity, and the program is less than a year old.

As a result, the Sorare program will need to define and iterate on several different aspects. 

In particular, it will need to be the most attractive program at the intersection of NFT, gaming, and sports. It will also need to safeguard its brand value and promote equality and diversity.

In short: It must prove its place in the NFT community and they are working hard on achieving that.  

Sorare is a popular game, which has a high price tag. There are limited numbers of cards minted each year, and because demand is so high, players can bid for them. The price of these cards will rise exponentially as competition grows. There is also a competitive environment within the game, with twice-weekly tournaments offering ETH prizes.

Sorare offers its affiliates a dedicated affiliate manager, high conversion rates and generous commission of up to 10%.

Commission: 10%

Cookie: 30 Days




The Coinbase NFT Affiliate Program is a great opportunity for people who want to make money online by promoting Bitcoin. By becoming a member of the program, you can earn 50% of the fees from every trade that your referrals make. To get started, simply fill out an application form. After approval, you will receive a custom link and affiliate tracking tools.

Coinbase recently announced that it would suspend its affiliate program in the United States on July 19. The reason behind this decision is the gloomy outlook of the cryptocurrency market. The cryptocurrency market is currently experiencing a slow but sustained bearish trend. While it has made a slight recovery, the market has extended its bearish momentum.

For this reason, Coinbase has advised affiliates to remove promotional content from their website. Coinbase has warned that the company will continue to review market trends and decide when the program will resume.

As far as we know, they will continue operate the affiliate program outside of the US.

Commission: 50% of fees for the the first three months

Cookie: 30 Days


As a Wizardia NFT Affiliate, you can earn a 90 USD commission per sale made through your discount link. This can help you earn a consistent stream of income for your network. The game is a role-playing game where players buy and sell in-game NFTs to participate in the game's PvP and PvE battles.

Wizardia has a dedicated team and a large, active community. In fact, its roadmap calls for the community to grow by 200k members each quarter. That's impressive, and especially when you consider that the game is growing in the midst of a bear market. If you are an investor looking for a good long-term investment opportunity, Wizardia may be for you.

Wizardia is currently in the development phase of a virtual reality game. It's scheduled to launch the full version of the game in Q4 2022. In the meantime, it's possible to earn a lot of cryptocurrency just by playing the game. The staking returns on Wizardia are high.

Commission: Up to $90 per NFT sale

Cookie: Not specified


As an affiliate, you will be paid both when your referrals make a purchase or make a swap. In addition, you will also be paid when your invited users borrow funds or earn interest. This makes the Nexo NFT Affiliate Program a lucrative opportunity. The program is designed to be very user-friendly and easy to promote.

Affiliates will earn up to $25 from every $100 new deposits. The Nexo affiliate program regularly runs promos and bonus campaigns making it a lucrative deal for both the affiliate and the NFT user. Their referral program offers a variety of promotional tools to attract new customers.

Commission: $25 for referrals and 20% of earned interest

Cookie: 30 Days


You can earn up to 20% commission on client trading fees with Kraken NFT's affiliate program. The company has a reputation for having easy-to-use apps and offers a diverse selection of cryptocurrencies to trade. In addition, Kraken also provides guides for new traders. The program allows you to earn commissions on referrals for life, so you'll never run out of referrals.

Kraken also have a referral program where you can make $10 in BTC for every referral. In addition, the people you refer also gets $10 in BTC dropped into their account as a welcome bonus.

The NFT marketplace is brand new and depending on when you read this, it may not have been launched in your region yet.

Commission: 20% of the fees collected

Cookie: Not verified

AI Art Shop

Domain names can reveal a lot about a company. AI Art Shop is one great example.

It is exactly what it sounds like. Customers can sell and buy hundreds of original artworks created using the company's artificial Intelligence algorithms.

This is AI-generated art, untouchable by human hands. This will determine whether you are able to make money with the NFT affiliate program.

AI Art Shop's NFT affiliate program earns a flat 15% commission for each sale. There is decent potential for earning with some pieces selling at hundreds of dollars.

Affiliates have the option to share a discount coupon of 5% with potential buyers for certain products. This increases your chances of closing the deal. When someone purchases via your affiliate link, this discount will be applied at checkout.

The AI Art Shop referral program has a shorter cookie window of seven days than other programs. That is probably the biggest drawback of an otherwise excellent affiliate program.

The AI Art Shop also links out to a few really cool AI art generators which you can use to create your own NFTs.

Here are a couple of pieces I made with a few lines of input:

My Ai Art
Ai Art

Commission: 15% Per Sale

Cookie duration: 7 days


The Zootchain NFT Affiliate Program is an opportunity for affiliates who want to get involved in a fast-growing cryptocurrency. This NFT-based fantasy football game is unique because it allows players to create unlimited non-fungible tokens. The program also includes a trading card system that allows users to buy trading cards of their favorite players. Its affiliates get a 50% commission on every sale, with the possibility of earning up to 75% on their first ten successful sales.

You can make 15% on your referrals' deposits and get a 5% coupon discount. The program also features a 7-day cookie window. While this is a niche that is still in its infancy, you can earn a tidy sum if you are willing to put in some work.

Commission: 50-75% Per Sale

Cookie duration: 30 days

Udemy - The biggest collection of NFT training courses.

Udemy is one of the biggest, and in my opinion, currently the best place to get indepth training on almost any subject you can think of at a very reasonable price.

I recently took a Sharepoint super-user course on Udemy. When I was checking the prices from other local course suppliers, they charged $1500+ for a course which I paid $25 for on Udemy. 

It was more or less the same course as well. Crazy.

But what has Udemy to do with NFT?

They offer a lot of NFT courses. 

And you can be an affiliate for Udemy. 

Hah. There you go! 🙂

Commission: 10% of valid affiliate sales (and not all sales are $25. Some are $1000+)

Cookie: 7 Days.


Fiverr is another not-so-obvious NFT affiliate program.

Ok, so maybe it’s not a NFT affiliate program. Duh.

However, Fiverr is one of the most popular affiliate programs at the moment. The reason for this is that there is a lot of stuff to buy and a lot of people who want to buy it. Think “Amazon of freelance gigs”.

On Fiverr you can find freelancers offering NFT art (or more precisely; art which could be sold on NFT marketplaces) and you could also refer artists to Fiverr.

Either way, you’ll earn a commission from each new customer or freelancer.

Commission: Varies. Different models to choose from. $5-150+

Cookie: 30 days from first click.


The Mint NFT Affiliate Program is a new one on our list, but it is worth checking out.

Mintnfts allows you to convert your creative ideas into NFTs on the Blockchain and into the Metaverse.  Their website states that they offer NFT as a service and complete NFT minting as a service. They manage NFT and mint it.

Commission: Up to $250

Cookie: 90 days


Bybit is the fastest-growing and largest cryptocurrency derivatives exchange platform. It boasts more than 5 million users and is a one-stop destination for crypto. It offers a marketplace for NFTs where creators and artists can create their own NFTs . It also offers stablecoin margin options contracts that will help crypto investors grow their portfolios.

The company's competitive affiliate program has been responsible for its popularity, which earns one of the highest commissions within the industry. Every direct referral earns affiliates a 30% trader share. Affiliates also receive a 10% sub-affiliate reward for every direct referral. The commissions are paid in real-time and presented in multi-dimensional, transparent reports.

Daily payouts!

Commission: 30% (of ByBits profit from your referral) and 10% for sub-affiliates

Cookie: n/a

What Is NFT?

If you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast, you have probably heard about NFTs - the entry on the blockchain that guarantees a value of an item. 

Unlike regular currency (or cryptocurrency for that matter), NFTs allow people to purchase and sell things with certainty. 

NFTs, which means Non-fungible tokens, are non-transferable pieces of information or knowledge that are stored on a blockchain or digital ledger. They can be used to make purchases, trade products, or even be related to digital media. 

This video from the Wall Street Journal explain what NFTs are:

What Is A NFT Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is a relationship between an affiliate who is the person marketing a product, and the product owner or affiliate marketing network who provides the product. As an affiliate you are basically the middle-man, making a commission whenever your referral purchase a product through your affiliate link.

A NFT Affiliate Program is an affiliate program managed by for instance a NFT marketplace, and as an affiliate you market their products and makes a commission.  

If you are new to affiliate marketing, read our beginners intro here.

Conclusion: Are NFT Affiliate Programs Right for You?

Promoting NFT products or services can bring in a lot of money.

Although we can't foresee what the NFT market will look like in the future, there is plenty of interest and many ways that affiliates can make money.

There are no guarantees. It's not enough to join the top NFT affiliate programs. You also have to create a quality affiliate website. That's a lot of work. And, once your website is built it still require a lot of time and money to rank well in the search engines.

That's where we can help. 

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