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Are you looking for ways to supplement your income with extra work? Online tutoring can be an ideal option. It offers flexibility and the opportunity to work from home. In this article, we will explore several online tutoring platforms that can help you earn extra income while sharing your knowledge and expertise.

Preply: Find the Perfect Tutoring Match

Preply stands out as a user-friendly platform with a straightforward sign-up process and a wide selection of tutors. It offers flexible search criteria such as price, schedule, tutor specialty, and native language. One of its unique features is the ability to preview tutor video introductions, reviews, and lessons before making your choice, ensuring you find a tutor that aligns perfectly with your learning goals.

Preply also provides a Q&A feature, allowing students to post doubts or queries for the community of students to address directly.

What sets Preply apart from other tutoring platforms is its flexible payment system. Rather than charging fixed fees or subscriptions, Preply allows students to purchase lessons by the hour or in bulk packages, catering to individual needs and budgets.

Additionally, Preply offers numerous learning resources, including interactive whiteboards, homework tabs, and a blog that provides pronunciation advice and revision strategies.

If you become a tutor with Preply, you have the potential to earn up to $400 a week. However, it is recommended to invest time and energy in building a strong reputation before expanding to new subjects. Specializing in popular subjects like English or math can increase your chances of success.

Wyzant: Personalized Tutoring with Face-to-Face Interaction

Wyzant is an online tutoring service that connects students with tutors across more than 300 subjects. It offers a fast application process and allows qualified tutors to set their own rates. Wyzant provides students and parents with resources to help them select the ideal tutor, including the ability to search by subject area and zip code for more personalized options. Each tutor's profile displays their hourly rate, helping students make informed decisions when selecting tutors.

What makes Wyzant unique is its focus on face-to-face interaction. Lessons can take place at a student's home or an agreed-upon location like a coffee shop, providing a more personalized learning experience. Wyzant tutors undergo background checks and agree to an equitable cancellation policy, ensuring a safe and reliable tutoring environment.

While Wyzant offers a high-quality tutoring experience, it's important to note that the availability of tutors may be limited.

However, for tutors seeking stable income streams, Wyzant is worth considering. Additionally, Wyzant provides additional income opportunities, such as participating in surveys like Survey Junkie or Inbox Dollars, which offer small but steady streams of cash flow.

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Outschool: Specialized Online Tutoring for Children

Outschool is an online tutoring service that focuses on providing classes across a range of subjects for children. Parents can enter information about their children, such as their names, ages, and interests, allowing the platform to recommend classes tailored specifically to them. Outschool offers flexible class times, educational approaches, and privacy settings, making it appealing for families seeking personalized learning options.

Teachers on Outschool earn 70% of the tuition paid by their students, providing a viable income opportunity. The platform also offers support services for teachers, with many instructors being professional educators or experts in specific subjects. From brief one-off sessions to comprehensive courses spanning multiple weeks, Outschool offers a diverse range of class options tailored to a student's interests and passions.

Getting started as a teacher on Outschool is straightforward. Simply submit general information, an introduction video, and pass a background check. Teachers are paid weekly on Sundays at an agreed-upon rate, depending on their teaching load and type.

Developing a clear curriculum tailored to the subject matter and creating series of classes that build upon one another can help retain students and decrease preparation time. Additionally, joining Outschool teacher groups on Facebook can provide valuable advice and tips from fellow educators.

TakeLessons: Music, Art, and Academic Tutoring in One Place

TakeLessons is an online marketplace that connects teachers offering music, art, dance, acting lessons, and academic tutoring with students seeking to learn these subjects. It provides access to lessons in multiple subject areas, including math, science, English, SAT prep, and foreign languages.

The platform is praised for its ease of use, allowing teachers to upload lesson plans and track student progress, while students can view their past and future lesson schedules to stay on track towards their goals.

TakeLessons is committed to providing expert teachers who offer tailored instruction, guidance, and support in a safe and supportive environment. If a lesson doesn't meet expectations, it can be returned within 72 hours.

However, some teachers have expressed concerns about compensation, stating that live, face-to-face lessons may not provide adequate compensation when factoring in studio time and commuting expenses. Other platforms like LessonFace and tutoring giant Wyzant offer more competitive rates and superior technology for live and taped lessons.

K12: Helping Students Upping Their A-Game

Becoming a tutor for offers numerous benefits for educators looking to make a difference in the lives of K-12 students. As a tutor on this platform, you have the opportunity to provide personalized instruction and support to students across a range of academic subjects. offers a comprehensive curriculum that includes traditional academic subjects as well as test preparation. With a rigorous hiring process, ensures that tutors who specialize in their subjects are hired, resulting in higher pay. By joining, tutors can contribute to students' educational journey, foster their academic growth, and make a positive impact on their lives.

K12 main not be for everyone, but if you're good at what you're doing, it is definitively worth checking out!

The Benefits of Online Tutoring

If you're seeking flexibility or a change in your professional career path, becoming an online tutor can be an excellent way to earn extra income and enhance your lifestyle. Online tutoring allows for setting your own schedule and working from home. The success in this field largely depends on qualifications and time management skills.

Several platforms offer online tutoring jobs, including Skioli, Studypool, and Revolution Prep. Skioli and Studypool provide tutoring opportunities in various subjects, with a flexible number of hours per week. Revolution Prep specializes in tutoring K-12 students, offering both traditional academic subjects and test prep. Although Revolution Prep has a rigorous hiring process and limited availability, it provides higher pay for tutors who specialize in their subjects.

PrepNow is another option for tutors with at least a bachelor's degree. It offers access to student assignments and implements a two-way rating system. Tutors can earn up to $26 per hour through weekly PayPal payments. The application process for PrepNow includes submitting general information, an introduction video, and passing a background check. They seek energetic, friendly, and professional teachers to join their team.

An additional opportunity for earning extra income as an online English teacher from home is available through helping Chinese children who cannot attend American schools. This unique opportunity combines teaching with cultural exchange and can be a rewarding experience.

To wrap it up, online tutoring provides a flexible and rewarding way to earn extra income. By leveraging the opportunities offered by platforms like Preply, Wyzant, Outschool, TakeLessons, and others, you can share your knowledge and expertise while making a meaningful impact on students' lives. Consider your qualifications, preferences, and the specific features of each platform to find the best fit for you.

Start your journey as an online tutor today and unlock the potential of earning extra income from the comfort of your own home.

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