It’s not just about getting clicks…

You’ve probably heard it before — you HAVE to be on Facebook! And, you’re probably already on it, in fact — both with with a personal profile and with a business page. But, now that you have everything up, where do you go from there? This is the question that confuses many people when it comes to Facebook marketing, and a lot “experts” out there will tell you it’s all about getting more “likes’ for your page and that you need to do Facebook advertising for your products and services to start seeing increased revenue. So, those who are none the wiser and want to see Facebook work for their business, end up shelling out a lot of cash and signing on for long-term contracts for Community Managers who end up getting plenty of “likes” and spend plenty of the budget on Facebook ads that get lots of clicks, and they post about products and services everyday, but no viable return on investment is ever shown.


Simply because they’re not actually experts.

You see, many companies and “experts” are taking advantage of the fact that businesses are ignorant when it comes to Facebook marketing. That ignorance combined with the urgent feelings that one MUST take advantage of Facebook marketing services, allows marketing firms to take advantage.

Let’s look at some of the ways marketing companies take advantage of business owners who want to use Facebook marketing services:

  • Obsessed With “Likes” — Wait a second! Isn’t the entire point of Facebook marketing to get more “likes”? Yes and no. The real purpose of Facebook is to connect with your audience and listen to them and provide them with incentives for being a loyal customer. Anyone can post up a Facebook ad and get tons of likes for their page, but the question is, are those likes high quality? A marketing firm that won’t stop talking about how many “likes” they’re going to get your page rather than how they’re going to engage the audience you already have and grow it organically, is not someone on you want to do business with.
  • In-Your-Face Marketing Posts – It’s a great idea to look at how someone offering Facebook marketing services has handled other people’s campaigns. When you check out their campaigns, and all the posts are in-your-face marketing with “buy our product!” type posting, then you definitely want to steer clear of that person or organization. Facebook is all about engaging with your audience to build brand loyalty, Facebook fan only incentives, and fun contests that encourage sharing. Your goal is to get your audience involved with what you’re doing as a business, this involves posting up interesting links that your audience will like, time-sensitive coupons, and genuinely asking your audience what they would like to see your business do next. It also involves answering questions that people post in a timely manor. It has absolutely nothing to do with blatant marketing.
  • Facebook Ad Warriors – Don’t get me wrong, Facebook ads are fantastic ways to market your business and grow your brand while accumulating new fans. However, they cost money, and people typically don’t see a super quick, immediate return on investment when they use Facebook ads, because Facebook users are typically not ion the mindset to buy, but instead are in the mindset to browse, so they must be used wisely and only to grow high quality traffic. If you have a company that just wants to blow their budget on Facebook ads and guarantee you a large immediate return on investment, be weary.
  • Treating All Businesses The Same – Every business is unique. Each business has a particular target audience that responds to different things. If the marketing company you’re speaking uses the same Facebook marketing techniques for each business, then chances are they don’t know what they’re doing. Specialized strategy is vital to successful Facebook marketing.

Now that you know a little bit about what to look out for when choosing someone to handle your Facebook marketing solutions, you’ll be able to have greater success. We have been in the online marketing niche since 2004 and has a specialized and dedicated team of Facebook marketers offering a wide range of services to fit your business type, budget, and goals. Contact us today to see how we can help find the right Facebook marketing services for your needs.

This article is due for an update during summer 2020.