Many people have the tendency to look at Linkedin like a stagnant public profile — a sort of short biography and resume about yourself and your work history. Folks tend to look at it more of something you need to have, but that doesn’t really do much other than sit there, and because of that many entrepreneurs, business professionals, and companies are missing out on a wonderfully powerful marketing opportunity because Linkedin is a whole lot more than just a public profile.

In fact, there is so much you can do with Linkedin from a marketing standpoint, it would take pages and pages to explain it all, so we’re just going to touch on some of the basics right now.

  • Create a Company Profile — Linkedin isn’t just for individuals, it’s also for entire companies. Interestingly enough, you can market your entire company within Linkedin almost like a microcosm of your other online marketing efforts. Because Linkedin is already packed to the brim with the best of the best — industry professionals, big scale industries with movers and shakers of consequence. Your goal is to get those influencers stumbling right through your company profile on Linkedin.
  • Build Followers – Of course, you’re going to want to start building followers, which is similar to most other social networking sites. Once you begin finding followers, you want to keep them engaged by sharing information about what your company is up to as well as its members and employees. The great thing is that once someone likes or comments on your posts, it is shared on their friends and followers’ home pages, which brings more attention to what your company is doing.
  • Groups – This is where marketing on Linkedin starts to take a more unique and individual turn. There are hundreds of niche groups on Linkedin, you can think of them sort of like little clubs. Just like in the offline world businesses and individuals will join professional networking groups, this is pretty much how Linkedin groups work in the online world. By joining groups related to your niche and participating in them, you will build your authority and strengthen relationships with other influencers and potential clients. This earns you future prospects and a much wider reach.

Here are some other things you can do to start jumping on Linkedin marketing techniques:

  1. Start a discussion
  2. Start a poll
  3. Ask a question
  4. Look at popular discussions
  5. Answer a question.
  6. Talk to people and help them find solutions
  7. Provide your solutions (services) for whatever problems they may have
  8. Submit a link to your article on a relating topic
  9. Build relationships

These are just a few of the ways Linkedin Marketing can help you — whether you’re an individual entrepreneur or a small business or a large scale business, you have plenty to benefit from when it comes to Linkedin. Not only that, but with things like Linkedin Ads, it’s becoming even more efficient to secure amazing contacts and clients.

If you want to see what Linkedin Marketing can do for you, contact our social media marketing team. We will work with you on your specific needs and craft a Linkedin marketing strategy in line with your short-term and long-term goals.

This article is due for an update during summer 2020.