By now, most of the business world knows about liking, friending, following, fanning, sharing, and plussing using resources like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Linkedin, but many don’t know exactly what Pinterest is, even though it’s becoming impossible to ignore. At only about three years old, Pinterest has already come in third behind Facebook and Twitter in the Experian Hitwise ranking of top ten social networks. It draws more than 100 million visits a month at more than one million visitors a day.

I know what you’re thinking, “Well, I just got used to all of these other social media avenues, why do I have to use this one?” When it comes to Pinterest marketing, or any other kind of social media marketing, it’s all about strategy. Some avenues work better for particular businesses than others. Pinterest marketing works great for some business types and target audiences, but not all of them.

Essentially, Pinterest let’s visitors pin their favorite photos and images depicting style, recipes, crafts, children, pets, memes, and so on to a sort of digital corkboard. Remember when you were a kid, and you would pin your favorite things up on the wall by cutting images out of magazines or create collages in a scrap book? Pinterest is kind of the digital version of that, which is why it’s taken off so quickly. People can also leave comments on what was pinned.

Because this social media avenue is visual based, it can drive a lot of referral traffic, which is how marketers seek to use it. Each time someone pins an image, a link to the original source of the image is included (usually this is your external website). Everytime someone repins that image, it leads readers straight back to your site. Not only that, but this creates more and more backlinks for your website, which helps your overall SEO efforts. All of this pinning and repinning builds up backlinks and introduces new people to your website and what you do, allowing you to gain in popularity and broaden your target audience.

Getting pinned and repinned, however, is a challenge in and of itself and takes a lot of strategy. Just like anything else on the Internet, there comes a certain misunderstanding on behalf of a lot of companies and individuals that they can simply throw up a website or a Facebook page or a Twitter account and so on and expect thousands of visitors to come flocking. That’s not true, and that same goes for Pinterest. In order to see success, you must produce original, attractive content that people are interested in and then you must market that content accordingly.

Many people don’t have the time for this, that’s why the team over at EdgeRunner Marketing takes care of it for you. We will consult with you on a personal level to find out your business goals and understand your target audience. By determining what kind of social media — such as Pinterest Marketing — is right for you, we will then setup an account and manage for you. This way, you can concentrate on managing your business and reaping the benefits of our Pinterest marketing work.

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This article is due for an update during summer 2020.