YouTube marketing can be incredibly effective for any kind of business — whether you’re solely based online, or whether you’re a small brick and mortar business. The trick is in just knowing how. The problem is that a lot of companies will tell businesses that they can create YouTube marketing videos that are just going to sky rocket their sales, expand their customer base, and provide that tipping point they’ve been looking for as if you can just snap your fingers and it’s done. But that’s not the case and there is a lot that goes into a successful YouTube social media marketing campaign. Let’s talk a little bit about that right now.

Putting a Video on YouTube Doesn’t Ensure Success – Many people still have the thought process that putting a video on YouTube will somehow automatically start getting hundreds or thousands of views, boost their business, and put them on the map. This just isn’t true. Most videos don’t go viral, and still many others don’t get a lot of views. the thing is, you don’t usually need thousands of views, as long as the right people (your specific target audience) is seeing it, then you’re doing the right thing.

Strategy – The most important aspect of a successful YouTube marketing video is to have a solid strategy in place. Again, this goes back to understanding what your business goals are. Having a viral video hit may sound like a great idea, but you should always ask yourself if that’s really what you want or if that will actually serve your purposes the best. if you’re using YouTube for real estate marketing, you just want to make absolutely sure the right people are going to view your listings and your personal ads if they’re looking for a realtor. If you’re using it YouTube for business marketing or products or services, then you want to make sure to get in front of the most niche aspect of your target audience and provide them compelling information that prompts them to purchase. YouTube marketing services are also fantastic for personalized marketing for reaching directly out to a mailing list you already have, leads, or for business networking.

Short – People on Internet have a notoriously short attention span (that’s why I’m bullet pointing all of this out to you!) and if you make videos that are too long, they won’t stick around to watch the rest. The best YouTube marketing videos are short and sweet — no less than thirty seconds and no longer than two minutes. There are exceptions to this rule, of course, but that’s the general rule of thumb and best practice as far as length is concerned.

When selecting a YouTube marketing service, you want to make absolutely  sure you’re going with someone with proven experience and an ability to formulate creative strategies that work for your specific goals and business type. EdgeRunner Marketing is one such group of people — we will work directly with you and find everything out about your business and target audience and create a 100% unique youTube marketing video and strategy for you. Contact our Amazing Marketing Team today for more information on how we can help.

This article is due for an update during summer 2020.