Wincher Review & Tutorial – The Disruptive Rank Tracker [2023]


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Wincher Rank Tracker Review: Our Thoughts After 90 Days Of Testing

Today, there are plenty of tools available for keyword tracking.  When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (aká SEO) keyword tracking is an important part of the equation because without it you will have no clue how your blog posts and articles are ranking in the search engines. 

The most common rank trackers include giants such as Rank Tracker, Ahrefs and SEMRush with a plethora of up and coming competitors. One of the latest kid on the block is Wincher, a Swedish born rank tracker ready to beat its competition out of the water. 

However, what is keyword tracking and why is it important for website owners? 

I am not going to insult your intelligence by telling you about the importance of keywords and keywords tracing in SEO. You landed here probably because you want to learn more about the Wincher Rank Tracker so you already know why tracking is important.

The higher you rank for certain keywords, the more traffic (visitors) you will receive. Now, keywords are an essential part of SEO that help in bringing traffic to your website, however not all keywords are considered equal.

So, to get all the information about keyword research for your website’s content and keyword tracking, you can make use of a rank tracking tool. One such amazing rank tracker is Wincher. 

In this article, we will talk about everything related to the Wincher Rank Tracker

But first, let me answer a common question: Is Wincher a good SEO tool to improve perferomance? I say YES! It is a simple tool designed to do one or two things and do them good. It is a very accurate rank tracker which works perfectly for tracking your Google (and other search engine's) ranking positions.

Alright, let’s begin!

Wincher Rank Tracker - What Is It? 

Right now, you may be confused about what exactly the Wincher Rank Tracker is and how it differs from other, more established, rank trackers... 

Well, let’s understand what this tool does for your website. 

Wincher Rank Tracker is available in:

1. Wincher Website 

As mentioned above, the Wincher website is mainly a tool for rank- and keyword tracking for your website’s SEO. However, this is just a simple summary of everything this tool does. 

This rank tracker allows you to analyze and keep track of different keywords used in your content. Moreover, it helps in keeping an eye on your competitors. Wincher also helps you with additional keyword-based tasks.

For example, suppose you have created a new blog post with a particular keyword phrase. Wincher Rank Tracker will then help you in analyzing and tracking your website’s rankings on the search engine based on the provided keyword phrase.

Additionally, it will also help in improving your performance by pointing out the good aspects and the bad aspects that are causing high/low rankings. It can also help you discover more keywords you are already ranking for, which you didn’t already know. More on that later….

2. Wincher WordPress Plugin 

Wincher has a website, along with a WordPress Plugin. 

So, if your website makes use of WordPress for uploading content, you can go for this plugin instead of the website itself. 

The plugin does the same job and offers the same features but in a different format than that of the website. However, personally, I like to use as few plugins as I can get away with so I use the website exclusively.


Wincher Review: 

How Can Wincher Help Website- and Blog Owners? 

Now that you know about the actual job of the Wincher Rank Tracker, what is the use of it? How can it help blogging and other businesses to do better with their content and websites?

To answer your question, given below are some of the major benefits of using the Wincher Rank Tracker. 

It Acts as a Roadmap To Understanding SEO 

If you’re new to SEO and keyword research, then Wincher is literally the perfect roadmap to guide you through. 

Sometimes, when you prepare your website or blog content, you may not know what to do with it and how to get more clicks. 

However, with the help of Wincher, you’ll realize where you stand and where you can improve. 

Wincher can assist you in understanding different keyword phrases that should help you to rank better on the search engines. Additionally, it will help you track your progress by checking where you rank and why you rank that way. 

Just like a mentor, it will help in finding both the good things and bad things in your blogging content that are affecting your search engine ranking. 

It Helps in Tracking The Performance of Competitors 

Apart from keyword tracking, Wincher also helps in competitor analysis. 

If you want to rank better, you need to have a better game at SEO than your competitors’ websites. For this, you need to know about their tricks and latest developments because only then will you be able to do better. 

So, Wincher can assist you in gauging and tracking your competitor’s performance. By comparing their rankings to yours, you can monitor your competitors automatically. If you see one of them suddenly racing ahead of you, you can used other tools to figure out what they did to get ahead of you.

These two points are just the two main benefits of using Wincher. We’ll cover a few more in the Wincher review section!

Wincher Pricing

For business and website owners, pricing is also a big factor when it comes to using any tool. So, let’s understand the pricing model of Wincher Rank Tracker. 

Tools like Ahrefs and most other rank trackers out there will take anywhere from fifty bucks all the way up to hundreds of dollars a month to let you track your keywords accurately.

Ahres start at $99 a month with a 7 day trial for $7.

Accuranker which probably is the absolute best in this game, starts at €116 a month but with a free 14-day trial.

Wincher on the other hand, disrupts this whole “let’s make it expensive by adding a lot of fancy features” approach and instead offer a products which does one thing, and does it darn good.

And the price? 14 Days Free Trial and with prices starting at €39 a month (!!!) after the trial.


So, let’s have a deeper look shall we?

Wincher SEO Performance

Free Version of Wincher 

Plenty of tools today offer a free trial version for you to understand their usage and importance. The same stands true for Wincher. 

Wincher offers its potential customers 14 days of free trial to gauge the performance and features available on the website. 

All you have to do is enter the name of your website along with your information. Voilá! You have activated the free trial period. 

Keep in mind that you do not have to add any card related information to get the free trial. Simply fill out the details and you can use it for free for 14 days. 

Paid Version of Wincher 

Once the free period of 14 days is over, you need to upgrade to the paid version of Wincher to continue using the features. However, the paid version is quite reasonable compared to other similar SEO and keyword-based tools. 

As the company is based in Europe, the rates are given in EUR. The payment is also based on the number of websites you wish to track. For example, if you have ten websites or less, you only need to pay 39 EUR per month (or about the same in USD). 

Similarly, if you want to use the tool for more websites, it just costs around 74 EUR. Isn’t this quite a deal?

The smallest package lets you track up to 500 keywords, while the next package lets you track up to 1000 keywords.

If you compare the annual 468 EUROS (as of 24 May 2024 ) investment in Wincher to the $1390 a year for AccuRanker you can easily see how Wincher is a great deal.

Wincher Review: 

Main Features of Wincher Rank Tracker 

If you’re paying for the tool, you can get plenty of features that are discussed below: 

1. Automated Keyword Fetching 

Wincher is an excellent tool for those who are new at keyword research and analysis. 

So, if you’re unaware of which keywords to add to your website to have a better ranking, don’t worry! 

The automated keyword fetching feature (called keyword research) of Wincher automatically gives you a list of hundreds of keywords relevant to your website. You’ll instantly see their search volumes, adwords CPC, competition difficulty and whether your website is already ranking for any of these keywords. 

Isn’t this quite helpful if you don’t know which keywords to choose? 

2. Detailed List of Ranking Keywords 

Wincher Rank Tracker offers a detailed list of all the tracked keywords on your website. They are arranged in a high to low fashion and help you in keyword analysis. 

Wincher will automatically fetch keywords you are ranking for in your chosen search engine, but you can of course also add your own keywords manually. This is particularly important if you know you are ranking for a keyword which Wincher hasn’t picked up yet, or you have just added a blog post and want to get an alert once it starts ranking.

Wait, that is not all!

Along with the ranking, it also shows the best page for each keyword.

It will also show when a snippet is found in your content for the ‘People Also Ask’ section on the search engines and you get detailed reports and the option to add annotations.

Personally, I think any keyword research tool should take advantage of the People Also Ask function.

Additionally, there are many more options available that show the change in your rankings and how it compares to your competitors. 

3. User-friendly Interface 

Another great feature of the Wincher Rank Tracker is the user-friendliness of the tool. 

If you have just started out, you may feel lost and confused. However, with the help of Wincher, everything is easy. 

This tool comes with a clear interface that correctly displays everything for better understanding. 

Frankly, it probably has the best user interface I’ve seen in a tool like this!

4. Daily Ranking Updates 

You can always check your website’s ranking on Google every day to track your website’s performance and to make it better. As the company is based in Europe, tracking is updated during night-time CET and the results seem to trickle in over the first hours of the morning.

Moreover, competitor updates also seem to be updated around the same time. 


5. Language and Location-Based Rank Tracking 

If your target audience is set in the US itself then there’s no need to track the performance in other parts of the world. 

For this, you can make use of location and language-based rank tracking that allows you to track your performance in a specific location and language only. 

6. Quick Ranking Alerts 

If you don’t have enough time to visit the website daily and track your ranking, there’s nothing to worry about! Wincher has a solution for this too. 

Wincher sends daily updates and alerts whenever it sees a major change in rankings or anything else. 

7. Keyword Grouping 

On Wincher, there’s also a feature of ‘keyword grouping’. This feature helps in grouping the keywords into different categories. 

Thus, getting a better and clearer overview of the ranking progress. 

8. Exporting Data 

If you want to show the daily progress to your boss or manager, you can easily do it by exporting the data. 

You can export it in PDF or CSV format. Moreover, you can also regulate this by getting customized PDF reports on any email-address on a monthly or weekly basis. 

If you do SEO as an agency or freelancer you would be happy to know that Wincher of course also offers white-label reports at no extra cost and you can add your own logo and set your own preferences for the report display.

Ok, these were some of the best features of the Wincher Rank Tracker.


Wincher Rank Tracker Tutorial

Before we move on with the pros and cons and the final verdict, let’s have a look at how to use Wincher.

As of writing this, we have used Wincher for approximately 90 days, and since this is a new tool we expect its features to improve even more. Still, as of writing this, Wincher has all the bells and whistles to make truly one of the most powerful rank trackers available today.

When you head over to Wincher, this is the first you see:

Wincher Introduction Page

At the pricing page you can see the exact pricing based on the number of keywords you need to tracks as well as other features. You can easily see how it beats the competition price-wise. 


Click the “Get Free Trial” or "Try For Free" either from the button on top of the page, or the one next to the slider. You only need to fill in your email address, your preferred google location and the website you wish to track. That’s it. No credit card needed, and you can now test all the features for 14 days.

Let’s have a look at the Dashboard - The main user interface.

wincher dashboard

This is what you see when you log in.

Above the statistics, you see some drop down menus where you can choose ranking data period (last day, last week, last month etc), Keyword Groups (if you have any) or filter by certain ranking data or custom words.


  1. The accumulated ranking gains or losses for the chosen period. 
  2. Average ranking for the chosen period. 

Tip 1: Add keywords you are ranking for in a separate group. That makes ranking data more precise.

Tip 2: Adding a star to important keywords will automatically add these keywords to a seperate “important keywords” group.

  1. Show you the traffic Wincher estimate your website receives for the chosen period, based on keyword position and their monthly searches. This is similar to how Ahrefs shows their data, and it is not pulling data from your Google Analytics. Hence, traffic numbers must be taken with a grain of salt.
  2. The number of keywords ranking in certain SERP intervals.
  3. The nitty gritty ranking details. Click on keywords to get graphs showing rankings over time or discover which features can be found in for the keywords you are trying to rank for.   


Well, there is really no way to make it any easier than this.

Open the “Keyword Research” tab and Wincher automatically pulls relevant keywords. You can ofcourse add your own manually. 

Filter as you see fit, using the sliders on top.

Oh, and if you wonder what CPC or Competiton really means, you can just hover over the question mark.

Wincher keyword research tool


>> PAGES <<

Ever wondered which page is ranking for certain keywords? Wincher has of course thought of that, and the results are neatly presented under the “Pages” tab. 



Discover how your rankings, both overall and for individual keywords, stand compared to your competitors.

It feels almost meaningless trying to write a tutorial for Wincher, because it’s the most intuitive tool I've ever used but I realise that a lot of people like to see the user interface before buying so at least I hope that the images will make your decision easier.


The remaining features are the report, notifications and annotations and they are self-explanatory. The report can be whitelabeled with your own logo and include your desired information. 

The annotation function lets you add notes to keep track of your rankings.

Wincher Review: The Good Side and The Bad Side

We have come up with a list of all the good things about Wincher and some of the areas that can be improved upon after thorough research of this rank tracker tool. 

So, let’s take an honest look into the overall Wincher review. 

Wincher Rank Tracker - PROS 

With its ample number of features and reasonable rate, there is no doubt that Wincher is one of the best rank tracking tools out there. 

Additionally, it also has other benefits such as: 

1. Simple and Direct 

One of the best things about Wincher is that this tool is absolutely easy to use and quite direct. You got it for its rank tracking features and that’s what you get. Plain and simple.

Moreover, many rank tracking tools have a lot of features that make them confusing to use. Yet, Wincher only focuses on the keywords and rank tracking portions which makes it much easier to navigate the website than what often is the case with its bigger competitors. 

2. Easy Overview of Ranking Progress

As mentioned above, the Wincher Rank Tracker has a feature known as keyword grouping. 

With this feature, you can easily take an overview of your ranking progress without spending a lot of time on it. 

3. Immediate Notifications and Alerts 

Keeping track of your progress is easy. Just set up notifications. 

You can receive immediate notifications and alerts when it notices any major change in the rankings. 

For example, you can get an alert whenever your rank goes up or down or when a competitor over-takes you.


4. Works on Both Mobile and PC 

If you ever want to track your website’s progress but don’t have a working laptop, then here’s some good news. 

Wincher Rank Tracker is compatible with both mobile and PC. However, the PC version is definitely easier to use, checking your stats on the fly with your cell phone is not a problem at all.

5. 24x7 Technical Support 

There’s nothing better than getting an immediate response to a query. So, Wincher Rank Tracker also has 24x7 technical support that can help you with any issue you’re facing. 

6. Quite Affordable 

Wincher Rank Tracker is definitely one of the most affordable tools out there with so many in-built easy to use features and benefits. 

Apart from the above benefits too, there are countless others such as competitor analysis, extensive keyword research, great white label reports, and even shareable PDF/CSV reports. 

7. Quality Stats

We have compared the ranking results to the Google Search Console for three websites, as well as made a comparison with Ahrefs and Long Tail Pro. The stats are very accurate and our experience is that it discovers new keywords faster than Ahrefs.

Wincher Rank Tracker - CONS 

We have so far only discovered a few cons of the Wincher Rank Tracker that, honestly, do not even matter that much. 

1. Limited Functionalities In WordPress Plugin 

As compared to the website, the WordPress plugin of Wincher doesn’t have that many functionalities. 

So, if you’re more comfortable with using plugins rather than the website, you may face an issue here. 

2. Doesn’t Have All the SEO Functionalities 

Again, Wincher Rank Tracker is mainly made for rank- and keyword tracking. So, if you’re planning to use it for more in-depth SEO-related work, then this may not be the most ideal option. 

3. Wavering Search Volume Results of Keywords

Lastly, the search volumes of different keywords keep wavering on each platform. 

If it is ‘100’ on Wincher, it may show ‘120’ or even less on other rank tracking platforms. So, there’s no exact figure or stability. Wincher probably gets their search stats from Google and so does most of their competitors, yet we have seen some discrepancies. This is probably not something that Wincher can be blamed for, but just keep in mind that when you use different trackers you will see different results.  According to our tests and the feedback online from other users, Wincher Rank Tracker is the most accurate rank tracker today.


Final Verdict: Is Wincher Rank Tracker Worth It or Not?

In our honest opinion, Wincher Rank Tracker is definitely the best rank tracker available today when you consider the price. 

It is a huge budget-saver but still has all the features required for successful rank tracking. Moreover, it is easy to use for beginners as well as experts. 

And well, if you are still skeptical, you can go to the Wincher website, get the 14 days trial and take a look at it by yourself!

Wincher Review & Tutorial – The Disruptive Rank Tracker [2023]

We have tested Wincher for 90 days and we liked it a lot! We have recently revisited the program and now continues using it for our niche pages. Martin Sand rates this tool 4.9 / 5 (98/100). Highly Recommended!

Price: 39

Price Currency: EUR

Operating System: SAAS

Application Category: SEO

Editor's Rating:
About the author

This article was written by Martin Sand, a marketing coach and affiliate SEO with 20+ years of experience ranking his own- and client websites. 

Need help with your SEO projects or someone to steer you in the right direction? I Can Help - Contact Me Here!

This article was originally written when Wincher was still in Beta but has since been updated. Last update was 30 Jul 2023.

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