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Disclaimer: This article may contain affiliate links. If you choose to purchase anything through the links below I may receive a small commission at no cost to you. However, these are all tools/services I have tested and the opinions in this article are all mine and not colored by any monetary incentives. You can read my full affiliate disclosure in my Affiliate Disclosure.

Woodworking Affiliate programs are a great way to make money from your hobby.

However, if Woodworking is not be your passion, this not be the niche for you.


Because trust is built by detailed images and clear descriptions of your work. The way we have worked around that has been to team up with some hobby woodworking enthusiasts and give them a cut of the income.

Today, I'll share a list of top woodworking affiliate programs you can use to generate passive income for your site.

Some of these woodworking partnerships have worked well for us and they might for you too.

Woodworking is an art form. It is an excellent fit for the highly competitive and lucrative arts and crafts market.

These exquisite works of art require a level of craftsmanship and expertise comparable to the best painters, sculptors, and other visual artists.

The problem with woodworking is that it's just as rewarding to be a blogger as to build their products.

These affiliates can help you build your audience and establish a steady revenue base. Although many affiliate programs are available in the woodworking industry, these offer a good overview of what you should expect.

DIY blogs are trendy. People love to build things with their own hands.

Did you know that according to Business Research Insight, the global Arts&Crafts market is expected to be worth $59460 MILLION by 2027? There’s obviously money to be made here.


Sounds good? Are you ready to start making money from your woodworking projects? Continue reading to see our selection of the top woodworking affiliate programs…


Our Recommended Woodworking Affiliate Programs

1.Ted’s Woodworking

2.Woodworkers Guild of America

3.KC Tool

4.Highland Woodworking

5.Rockler Woodworking and Hardware

Teds Woodworking Affiliate Program

Ted’s Woodworking

Ted's Woodworking Plans is a website with thousands of woodworking plans. These plans come with detailed step-by-step instructions. They will ensure that you make a good decision by having a clear idea of the next step. Besides, Ted's plans come with material lists, ensuring you can use the correct tools.

Ted has spent years around his woodworking passion, which has led him to produce hundreds of products and models. This knowledge has allowed him to draft over two hundred pages of comprehensive woodworking guides.

These guides are packed with hacks, tips, and detailed diagrams. Customers can look at photos of finished products as they read along.

Ted's Woodworking includes step-by-step instructions and schematics, making it easy to follow along with any skill level. The plans are very detailed and come with multiple views from all angles. In addition, each project comes with precise measurements and angles. Ted's woodworking program also has 150 premium videos to help you learn the technical aspects of woodworking.

Ted's woodworking affiliate program is handled by Clickbank.com and claims to have an 11% conversion rate for sales generated through affiliates. They have a vast collection of marketing tools available to its affiliates. Since this is a fully digital product, you can earn up to $125 per sale with a 75% commission!

Beat that!

Join: Ted’s Woodworking Affiliate Program

Commission rate: 75%!

Cookie Duration: 60 Days


Woodworkers Guild Of America Affiliate Program

Woodworkers Guild Of America

Second, out is the Woodworkers Guild of America (WWGOA). It is owned by a company called TN Marketing, which also operates several self-improvement brands, such as Classic Car Restoration Club and FixMyHog.

TN Marketing is all about providing instructional DIY video content in various niches.

WWGOA is no exception.

It offers various digital and physical products, including DVDs, streaming, and training videos.

It is written by expert woodworkers and instructors who are very knowledgeable about the subject.

WWGOA also sells tools and books in addition to videos.

Woodworking affiliates earn a 6% commission on all orders within the cookie window of 60 days. Guild memberships cost $55 per year and pay a 25% commission.

Bonus Tips: Join the affiliate program AFTER you have relevant ranking content. You get a 2x commission on all sales made in the first 30 days, so you can benefit from joining when you already have traffic that could convert.

Join: Woodworkers Guild of America Affiliate Program

Commission rate: 6% to 25%

Cookie Duration: 60 Days


KC Tools Affiliate Program

KC Tool

KC Tool claims to be the "premier source for German tools." This affiliate program could suit you if you believe in German engineering and have a large audience.

This website offers a wide selection of woodworking tools, with over 10,000 available at any time. Over 25,000 different tools are available to order.

The majority of the products come with a lifetime warranty.

Although you may earn small commissions from the KC Tool affiliate program, the possibility of making 10% for every sale you refer can quickly add up.

Join: KC Tool Affiliate Program

Commission rate: 10%

Cookie Duration: 30 Days


Highland Woodworking Affiliate Program

Highland Woodworking

Highland Woodworking, now an online business, was initially started in 1978 by Highland Hardware, an Atlanta-based hardware store.

Its specialty was selling woodworking tools to artisans, carvers, and woodturners back then.

This expertise attracted a growing number of amateur woodworkers who had small garage or basement shops and relied on Highland Woodworking's reliability, expertise, and high-quality products. These same people are the ones who shop at Highland Woodworking today.

Their website looks like it was designed in 1996, but Highland provide you with all the banners and marketing material you'd need, so give them a chance.

Join: Highland Woodworking Affiliate Program

Commission rate: 5%

Cookie Duration: 60 Days


Rockler Affiliate Program Logo

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware is a company that specializes in the sale of new inventions, high-quality tools, and finishing materials for woodworking.

They've got everything you need, from the most uncomplicated stripe of sandpaper to state-of-the-art power tools.

Rockler's resource center is an excellent source of information for woodwork enthusiasts all over the world, so it's easy to recognize the brand. Affiliate sites can use this information to promote Rockler products.

Rockler's woodworking affiliate program pays 5% on net sales for all products and a $0.75 commission for free catalog requests. That's basically a pay-per-lead program on top of the regular affiliate program.

If you have earned more than $25 in commissions, payments are sent by check within 30 business days. The commissions earned are carried forward to the next month if you don't.

Like some of the other programs on the list, they only offer 5%, but margins are typically low on products like these. You can make good money from these woodworking affiliate programs as the price for more cutting-edge tools can be in the four digits range.

Join: Rockler Woodworking and Hardware Affiliate Program

Commission rate: 5% on net sales (NET sales!)

Cookie Duration: 14 Days


Let's Drop The Hammer and Conclude...

There are many woodworking affiliate programs, as you can see above. We have tried all of them and the rating is based on our experience. Your experience may be different from ours.

We picked these because they have proven to be long-standing and trustworthy partners. Ted's Woodworking might seem like the apparent go-to program. Still, it is also saturated as every newbie starts with that affiliate program.

There have been complaints about Ted's woodworking containing scraped and old content from 1800's books. That is true to a certain degree, but for newbies, at least, the plans provided are sufficient.

That's why we listed some more obscure programs as well.

Affiliate marketing is a highly specialized field that relies on your knowledge and the expertise of your audience. These programs are great if you're passionate about home improvement and have a good knowledge base. Many other niches require less expertise.

Even if you know everything there is to know about woodworking; there's no guarantee of success. You still have to create your website, which can be a huge hurdle!


I, Martin Sand, can personally coach you and help you step by step on the journey. We have high-converting, speed-optimized website templates at our disposal that can be used for any niche.


Let me help you:

* Pick a niche

* Set up a high-converting WordPress-powered website

* Create content, rank in search engines, and make money.

* Sell the website for a huge payday!


Get in touch today!




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