CrakRevenue Review – The Green Whale Continues To Impress Even In 2022

CrakRevenue Review Top 5 CPA Network

Disclaimer: This article may contain affiliate links. If you choose to purchase anything through the links below I may receive a small commission at no cost to you. However, these are all tools/services I have tested and the opinions in this article are all mine and not colored by any monetary incentives. You can read my full affiliate disclosure in my Affiliate Disclosure.

Are you looking for a new dating / adult affiliate program to promote in 2021 and beyond? CrakRevenue has been around since 2010 and they have been our go-to adult affiliate network since 2015. They could be a good fit for you too.

In the following sections we will go through what we think are the most important aspects of a good affiliate program and how they compare to Crakrevenue.

CrakRevenue Review: Inside The Belly Of The Whale

The company is a Canadian registered CPA network connecting publishers with advertisers. According to Crucnhcbase they also have offices in the US. 

CrakRevenue currently have 689 high quality offers to choose from. Most of their popular offers are in the adult / cam / dating niches, but they also have a growing number of offers in more mainstream verticals such as background checks, nutrition and male enhancement products.

They have a huge 100+ staff of friendly team members in any department spanning across IT tech support, marketing, design, sales, affiliate tracking and management. These guys and gals are serious, easy going and they know what is converting. 

When you have questions these guys are ready to help you out. Need to know which traffic sources they recommend, which of their offers are converting the best with traffic from TrafficJunky, or got an issue with Voluum? These guys are there for you to iron out the bumps in the road.

CrakRevenue Review: Any Awards?

CrakRevenue have won more than 25 prestigious awards to date and counting. That says something about their care for affiliates and the power of their offers.

Their latest awards include:

  • 2021 XBiz Honors Awards (Awarded Affiliate Network Of The Year)
  • mThink’s Bluebook Top 20 CPA Networks (Awarded Top 5 best CPA Networks worldwide)

You can read more about all their awards, here.

CrakRevenue Review: Top Affiliate Offers

With seven hundred affiliate offers to choose from there are of course some offers that aren’t converting as good as others and there will be some offers that just outperform all others, across affiliates and across traffic sources.

To respect other affiliates promoting CrakRevenue top offers, they will not all be listed here, but it is safe to say that their top offers are in the following verticals:

  • Dating
  • Adult Dating
  • Cams

Their #1 converting offer is called “Date Nude” and it’s basically a multi-CPA offer that converts on ALL AND ANY GEO through their special SmartLink. This offer has multiple landing pages to choose from, and if you have traffic from these top converting countries, you are going to make some nice cash: Australia, United Kingdom, United States, Belgium, Germany.

Accurate Tracking

Not only is accurate tracking important, but what’s more important is how easy it is to use for affiliates. Many CPA networks rely on third party solutions which, to be frankly, often are really difficult to use. One such popular tracking tool is CAKE. On the other side you have affiliate networks who develop their own tracking- and reporting tools but that don’t necessarily develop good ones. 

Fortunately, CrakRevenue have not only created their tracking and reporting system inhouse, but they have done a heck of a good job at it. You can create your own links easily and each link has various customization options.  

Their tracking and reporting is modern, good looking, and highly accurate.


Exclusive to CrakRevenue, their proprietary SmartLink tool lets you create tracking links for each campaign. It’s a very handy tool and it is super easy to use. You decide if you want a deep funnel and / or pop-ups on the landing pages. You can add your tracking ids and choose landing pages. Everything will be tracked through one link.

CrakRevenue Review SmartLinks


If you are using your own third party tracking such as Voluum or ClickMagic, or you want to import CrakRevenue offers into your own affiliate network, that can be done quite easily. You can use their postback feature to set up your own postback to send and receive information about conversions or where your conversion clicks are coming from.

Geo- and Mobile redirects

Imagine you are buying ad placements and spending money everytime someone clicks on your banner ad from a high-traffic website. The offer you are promoting only pays you for Tier 1 traffic, but it is inevitable that some of the visitors will still come from Tier 2 or Tier 3 countries as even the best filtering tools will have leaks.

Imagine if someone from South-Korea (not a tier 1 country) buys through your link, but since the affiliate network only pays for tier 1 traffic they won’t send you a commission for the sale. The company however, still gets their money from the sale. It’s very frustrating when that happens.

Luckily, that won’t happen with CrakRevenue. We were once in that exact situation: We were buying traffic from AdXpansion (Now JuicyAds) and paying for Tier 1 traffic, but still we got a click from South-Korea. Because of CrakRevnue’s GEO redirecting, the click was sent to a relevant global offer instead of the Tier 1 offer and the click ended up earning us $131 !

That’s the power of smart, automagical, geo- and mobile redirects, folks!

Withdrawal Methods and Are Payments Coming On Time?

Quality tracking is important and so is high converting offers, but what good is all of that if you don’t get paid on time? Let’s see how CrakRevenue stack up…

On-Time Payments, Always!

Luckily, CrakRevenue is known to pay on time. Always. So nothing negative to take note of here. They are a serious, liquid, company and payments arrive painlessly to your chosen withdrawal account.

CrakRevenue Payment Methods

CrakRevenue support many popular withdrawal methods such as: 

  • PayPal (US & CA)
  • ACH
  • Check
  • Paxum
  • EpayService
  • Wire

To our knowledge CrakRevenue does not have Payoneer or Bitcoin as a payment option currently.

Weekly / Bi-Weekly Payouts

With CrakRevenue there is no need to wait 30+ days net to get your money. They pay their affiliates net 7, meaning you will get paid bi-weekly once the minimum $100 threshold has been met. If the threshold is not met, your money will carry over to the following payment period(s).

We set our payment threshold to $1000 simply because it is too much hassle for us to receive payments weekly (more paperwork). As you can see we only have $171 currently and with 11 days left until the next payout cut-off, the balance will most likely carry over unless we earn the reminding $850 to meet our $1000 threshold.

CrakRevenue Payout

CrakRevenue Review: Multi-Tier?

CrakRevenue is not a multi-tier affiliate program, and very few legitimate affiliate offers are multi-tier. However, following the norm amongst CPA networks they offer 5% for any affiliates or webmasters you refer. So, if you click here to sign up, I will earn 5% on whatever sales you bring in. It would therefore mean a lot to me if you join through my link should you decide that CrakRevenue is the right company for you.

CrakRevenue Review: High-Converting Funnels?

They designers at CrakRevenue know how to create eye-catching, high converting, funnels, landing pages and banners. While not all traffic will convert for all offers, most of these landing pages can convert even the toughest of traffic. Each offer on their network has multiple landing pages and banners to choose from and premium affiliates also get access to exclusive funnels and banners. 

How To Earn Additional Income On Each Click

You can easily add another 20-30% to your bottom line by adding pop-unders and back-end offers to the CrakRevenue SmartLinks. This way you don’t have to annoy your visitors with additional banners. These pop-ups will not happen on your website, but only when someone clicks on a banner or text link which forwards them to the CrakRevenue offer.

CrakRevenue Extra Income


CrakRevenue WordPress Plugin

Most high-end CPA networks got their own wordpress plugin nowadays, and CrakRevenue is no different. Their plugin is designed with one purpose in mind: To get better conversions for us, the affiliates.

Here are some of the cool stuff this plugin can do for you:

  • Live Cam Widget - Showcase *live* cam girls directly on your site.
  • Optimized Iframe (banners) to show on your site
  • Native Ads: Show ads on your site that blends in with content
  • In-text ads: Text ads...
  • Popups: Show pop-ups

You configure everything from within the plugin, and you can add color settings etc to match the feel and look of your website.

As an added bonus, the cam widget only shows cam workers that are live right now = increased conversion.

CrakRevenue’s Exclusive Live Cam Widget

The revolutionary Live Cam Widget is a multiple offer, multiple CPA, tool to create unique links to specific cam shows, generic links or how about integrating a webcam showreel on your wordpress blog?

The Live Cam Widget algorithm, exclusive to CrakRevenue btw, allows affiliates to promote the top earning models only, no matter what platform they are featured on. In cold hard numbers, that typically means more cash in our pockets. 

Here are some of the cool features of this widget:

  • The funnel is auto‐updated with the best performing models
  • Show live models only (equals higher conversions)
  • Exclusive & powerful algorithm never before seen
  • User friendly
  • 100% customizable

Read more here!

MyFreeCams Affiliate Program

CrakRevenue have many cam offers with JerkMate, Royal Cams, StripRolutte and MyFreeCams on top. When it comes to MyFreeCams it is undoubtedly North America’s ultimate cam site. For 16+ years they have revolutionized the adult cam industry and provided amazing live shows to raving fans not only in North America, but world wide. MyFreeCam should be in any adult webmasters portfolio. It ticks all the right boxes: Stunning marketing material, thousands of shows, excellent payouts and high conversions. Go to CrakRevenue’s live cam widget and create your link in seconds. You can even link directly to a model of your choice.  It’s that simple.

JerkMate Affiliate Program on CrakRevenue

JerkMate has been the hottest cam aggregator for quite some time now, and it is still going strong. With two-digit million dollars paid out to affiliates in commission since january 2019 it is obvious that this cam offer is converting. Affiliates with quality traffic are seeing 10%+ conversion rates which is just unheard of. 

CrakRevenue is the home of the JerkMate's Affiliate Program.

CrakRevenue’s Survey Generator

The Survey Machine. Sounds cool, huh? Trust me, it is. Have you ever seen any of those fancy survey funnels smart marketers create to warm up the prospect? There is a reason why it is a popular way to warm up leads. 

  • It makes the prospect take a stand (micro-commitments)
  • It feels like being a part of a real survey, and people tend to lower their guard to sales pitches after going through a survey
  • By the end of the survey, the prospect’s subconsciousness makes them feel as if they took an active choice - in contrast to someone trying to force a sale on you. 

Think about it for a second: You enter the survey funnel and are being asked questions like 1) “Are you male? Yes”, 2) “Do you prefer women?” Yes, 3)“Would you like to find a date tonight? Yes”.... By the time you’re through with the survey you have already made up your mind. You want a date tonight. So, when you see the Dating landing page you are all tender and ready to pull out your credit card. Absolute no hard selling necessary.

CrakRevenue’s Native Ads Generator

Similar to the Cam Widget and Survey Generator, the Native Ads Generator let you create ads that will blend in with the rest of your content, similar to those you typically see below articles on  popular sites like The Huffington Post. You know those “you may also like” articles that often show similar articles to the one you just read, but when you click on them you are taken to a partner website. The Native Ads Generator let you do exactly that. You can make the ads match the look and feel of your site for higher click-through rates. It’s a great tool that I wish many more CPA networks would make available for their affiliates. Well done, CrakRevenue!


Affiliate Competitions and Bonus Bumps

Getting recognized for your hard work feels good, doesn’t it? Some affiliate networks and affiliate programs send out mugs, t-shirts or other accessories to new affiliates. CrakRevenue don’t do that, but they have a system in place to give recognition to top affiliates through their ranking system.

Their Top 200 Affiliates at any given time are called VIP affiliates. They get their own dedicated affiliate manager, several other perks and annual pay bumps.

Their Top 50 Affiliates get additional perks including christmas gifts and 20% payout bumps.

Are you a small time affiliate and not able to get in the top 200? Fret not. CrakRevenue runs regular contests with cash prizes. For instance, one recent contest gave out 10-15% extra payment on whatever amount  you bring in more than last month. 

CrakRevenue Tutorial: How To Get Approved

CrakRevenue is an exclusive CPA network and they want to work with professionals. However, that doesn't mean you have to be a company or even send them a lot of traffic for that matter in order to get approved. 

They are, however, looking for serious affiliates who will send quality traffic. They recognize that everyone started small at some time, and they are very friendly towards newcomers to the world of CPA marketing. 

The key to get approved is to fill out their sign-up form thoroughly and reply to their follow up phone call (if any). Also, in order to not get banned, you will have to send quality traffic and not do anything fishy. 

If you want to increase your chances of getting approved even further, a smart move is to contact CrakRevenue even before you sign-up. Ask if you can talk to an affiliate manager and introduce yourself. Let them know your plans, how you will drive traffic and anything else they might need to know to determine if you are a good fit.    

What is low quality traffic?

Well, let’s say you send 500 leads to an offer and you get $2.5 per lead. Then you just made $1250 and that’s awesome. However, if none (or very few) of these leads actually convert to a  paying offer on the backend, Crakrevenue is losing money. That’s bad traffic.

CrakRevenue Review: Our Conclusion

The adult industry is a money machine for the lucky ones managing to break into this highly competitive market. Luckily, there are plenty of niches to dive into and if you do your research thoroughly you can always find a niche to target based on your budget. Adult businesses are often the pioneers of new tools and marketing strategies and CrakRevnue is no different.

With its massive library of high converting offers and exclusive tools to make your job as an affiliate as smooth as possible, we are pretty sure you will love working with CrakRevenue. We know we do! 

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