Top 6 Keto Affiliate Programs

Keto Affiliate Programs

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Ketogenic diets have quickly become one of the top picks among people looking to shed unwanted weight and athletes alike, boasting numerous health advantages and being highly popular choices among them.

These Keto affiliate programs can help you cash in on this trend if you have an targeted audience. Read on... 


Catalina Crunch


Cereal is one of the most beloved breakfast options, yet traditional brands contain too much added sugar for it to be considered healthy.

Enter Catalina Crunch: a gluten and grain-free cereal offering all of your childhood favorite graham cracker pieces like pebbles and flakes without additional sweeteners like corn syrup – also with natural sweetener options like stevia extract for an alternative sweetener that makes this keto diet-friendly option.

Lasso offers products such as Keto-friendly cookies and sandwich cookies, protein powders and omega-3 capsules designed to aid people in losing weight while increasing energy levels.

Bloggers who specialize in health and fitness niches can earn affiliate revenue using Lasso to generate no-code affiliate Displays and Grids that generate affiliate displays and Grids with affiliate revenue potential.

Keto-friendly cookies and sandwich cookies from this company provide an ideal solution for anyone who’s trying to eat healthier but doesn’t have time to prepare their own meals. Plus, bulk orders qualify for discounts!



Kickstart Keto Diet


This keto program provides those looking to begin the keto diet with an effective start.

It provides a seven-day meal plan and shopping list, along with support group access, daily tips, recipes, as well as resources to assist users in reaching their goals.

This company sells a selection of keto-friendly condiments and products to support the keto diet.

Founder Thom King struggled with weight issues until adopting a ketogenic lifestyle; writing his book Guy Gone Keto as well as creating his line of condiments like ketchup, steak sauce, BBQ sauce, and Thai chili sauce as products suitable for this lifestyle.

Lumen Metabolism Tracker from this company helps track your metabolism to help with weight loss. Refersion manages its affiliate program and pays 10% commission on sales; cookie duration for this keto affiliate program is 90 days – one of the top keto affiliate programs currently available!

One of our favorite ketogenic affiliate programs.


Wholesome Yum


This keto affiliate program features products to assist in staying in ketosis, such as supplements, bone broths and carb-containing food products. They also provide recipes and tips for cooking with keto ingredients – their affiliate program is free to join and offers generous commission rates!



Kiss My Keto


Kiss My Keto offers keto-friendly gummy snacks and chocolates of the highest quality at reasonable prices, boasting 5-star ratings from customers as one of its most acclaimed providers in their niche market. The company prides itself on outstanding customer support.



The Nutrition Forest


The Nutrition Forest is a vegan snack brand that uses natural ingredients to produce nutritious snacks.

They offer an assortment of high protein and low sugar snacks without additives and preservatives that are free from additives or preservatives; their bundles can even fit perfectly with keto diet plans! They offer subscription boxes tailored specifically towards keto dieters as well as customized subscription options tailored specifically towards accommodating special diets; additionally they have their Lumen metabolism tracker as an affiliate product suited for tech sites. The best part – They pay a healthy 35% affiliate commission.



Magic Spoon


Magic Spoon’s founders had grown tired of sugary breakfast cereal and decided to create their own healthy version that is low in sugar, carbohydrates and high in protein. Their cereal is made with milk, plant-based sweeteners such as monk fruit extract and allulose as well as natural colorants like vegetable juice for color — plus an oil blend packed with essential nutrient.

They offer flavors designed to bring back fond childhood memories, such as chocolate nut butter, vanilla sprigs and sultana berry crunch. In addition, the company sells other keto-friendly products such as cookies and granola.

Tracking is done through Refersion. It pays out 10% commission on sales made within 15 days using custom discount codes and creatives from Refersion; additionally they provide affiliates with numerous resources and tools such as custom discount codes and creatives as well as recipes and success stories to inspire their target market.






Keto diet products are a great way to make money online by promoting and monetizing your blog or website. They are also a flexible and scalable income stream, as you can choose how much time and effort to invest in them and as your audience grows and you gain more experience, you can scale up the amount of time and energy you put into them.

Hopefully these keto affiliate programs can help you monetize your health related content.

Looking for some more generic fitness affiliate programs?

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