10 Must-Read Self-Improvement & Personal Development Blogs for Business Owners that Actually Help

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Business owners are always looking for opportunities to grow and improve. Managing your own business is a 24h-job, and you need to stay focused, alert, and always on top of your game to keep your business growing. As a business owner, things can become too stressful, or you might lose direction, but reading personal development blogs can really help. 

Personal development blogs and self-improvement blogs focus on traits, patterns, and attitudes that can make you more distinctive. It’s like you’re working to reveal the best version of yourself as you take care of your business and make everything work. In this article, we’ll suggest some of the best personal development blogs and self-improvement blogs that every business owner should check out. 

Why Should You Read Personal Development Blogs?

It’s very easy to get caught up in life that you eventually forget about taking care of yourself. You might be giving your work all your effort while trying to balance your family life at the same time. If you’re working from home, you’ll have a big burden to make your business succeed because you’re your own boss. In some cases, you might forget that your body and mind need to take a break. 

There are lots of cool blogs that walk you through the stages of self-development. They help you identify destructive behaviors or patterns that might be sabotaging your professional and personal lives. 

They will also highlight the positive attitude that you need to adopt if you want to stay successful. If you have lots of personal development questions, you’ll find the answers, so you can focus on making your business successful. 

The Best Self-Improvement and Personal Development Blogs for Business Owners

The following blogs highlight the importance of personal development and getting rid of bad patterns that you might engage in because of stress and pressure. Following the advice stated in these blogs will help you become a happier and more successful business owner.

Self Development Blog
  1. Thought Catalog

The Thought Catalog is one of the most popular online blogs, offering content in various niches. Chris Lavergne founded this blog in 2010, and it attracts millions of visitors every month. 

One of their most popular sections is the self-improvement section, where you can read about self-improvement ideas and goals, find the answers to your questions, and learn how to get rid of bad habits. By reading several articles, you will begin to realize that success doesn’t always mean doing more. In some cases, doing less with more passion will be what you need. 

This blog will work for you if you need general advice about dealing with hardships, confusion, and disappointments. It will help you find a positive outlook on whatever you do as you understand the benefits of personal development.

Self Development Blog
  1. Tim Ferris

Tim Ferris, author of the famous 4-Hour Week, is discussing his tips for successful living on one of the most popular self-help sites. As a successful entrepreneur, business advisor, and one of Fortune’s 40 under 40, Tim has a lot of business-related self-improvement tips that can help you become more successful at what you do. 

You can check out his blog to find several topics about entrepreneurship, dealing with emotional stress, improving mental performance, managing time, and so much more. There’s a lot of content to check out, so you should make sure that you have time to visit his blog regularly for inspiration. This blog will work for you if you need to get inspiration from successful people who went through the same struggles, so you can keep on working on expanding your business. 

  1. Zen Habits

It’s quite common for successful business owners and entrepreneurs to get caught up in work until they forget what happiness actually means to them. Happiness doesn’t always mean more money, as you might not have the time to enjoy what you’re achieving. 

Founded by Leo Babauta, this blog focuses on time management, living in the moment, and enjoying what we actually have. You will learn that worrying about the future doesn’t make things better, and living in the moment is the key to successful planning. 

Reading this blog will help you with your journey of self-improvement through simplicity and mindfulness. This blog will work for you if you’re stressed out about all the materialistic things you need to focus on to achieve internal balance. 

MarieForleo Blog
  1. Marie Forleo

As an entrepreneur, Marie understands the struggles every business owner might be going through. You can browse her website for success stories, inspirational videos, and lots of engaging content that can help you realize your potential. 

This is one of the best personal development websites because it shares content from real people, so you can get inspired by their stories. As you learn from others, you will be able to realize your true potential as you understand more about how to increase your productivity and improve your life.

Marie suggests that insight and action work hand and hand. You can check out her blog for cool articles, watch videos, or even buy one of her courses to become more successful at what you do. This blog will work for you if you need to read some entertaining inspirational stories that focus on the bright side of life. 

TinyBuddah Self Development Blog
  1. Tiny Buddha

Lori Deschene created this blog for people who want to find peace and happiness. The blog has lots of funny, entertaining, and uplifting content that you can browse to learn more about balancing your life and taking care of yourself. The overall theme explains that self-awareness and personal development are two sides of the same coin.

This site isn’t related to any religion but is strongly inspired by the wisdom of Buddha to help people with mindfulness and conscious living. You can check out real stories of people who managed to find their true happiness through motivation, inspiration, and freedom. This blog will work for you if you feel that you need an extra kick to keep a positive outlook on life. 

Business Self Improvement Blog
  1. Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt is a successful author who helped more than 1 million leaders around the world. Checking out his blog might be what you need to learn more about successful leadership and self-improvement. 

You can check the blog for multiple articles about productivity, leadership, time-management, motivation, and other topics that can help you become a successful business owner. You can join the online training or work with the special coaching program for improved business performance. This blog will work for you if you need to increase your productivity in the most efficient way. 

  1. Science of People

Vanessa Van Edwards is a best-selling author who founded this blog to help readers understand how people interact in a work environment. She managed to develop a science-based framework to help business owners and managers understand different personalities, minimizing the chance of conflict in the workplace

This blog has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, managers, and leaders find their true motivation and learn how to increase productivity in the workplace by staying positive. Millions of people visit the website to learn more about how to transform their positive ideas into actions that can help everyone feel fulfilled while doing their jobs. This blog will work for you if you’re struggling with the dynamics in the workplace and want to bring more balance and harmony to your office. 

henrik Positivity

Henrik Edberg. Snippet from The Positivity Blog - Photo by Andreas Klow

  1. The Positivity Blog

In 2006, Henrik Edberg started this blog to help people identify negative patterns, thoughts, and behaviors that they might be unknowingly engaging in. Business life can become so stressful, and feeling pressured is sometimes out of your hands. 

This blog highlights the differences between happy and unhappy people and helps you get rid of self-doubt that might be sabotaging your success. This blog will work for you if you’re currently struggling with mental blockages or professional problems that deprive you of focusing on the bigger picture. 

  1. Gretchen Rubin

According to Gretchen Rubin, author of The Four Tendencies and The Happiness Project, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution that works for everyone to become more inspired and happier. The process starts from within, as you need to focus on matters to you as you analyze your personality. 

You can start by taking a quiz to learn more about yourself, then download the app to help create a better life. Following positive habits is an excellent way to get rid of negative thoughts and doubts that can slow down your progress. This blog will work for you if you want to understand more about yourself and how you can make yourself happier and more successful. 

Logo Possibility_of_Change
  1. Possibility Change

Peter Clemens founded this blog to publish inspirational stories that people share about their success stories. If you’re struggling with your own insecurities, this blog will help you understand how to beat your fear, doubts, and stay positive. 

Reading the stories of other people will teach you more about your own happiness and how you can stay focused while making your business work. This blog will work for you if you want to maintain a positive attitude while facing challenges inside and outside the office. 

Final Thoughts

Self-improvement and personal development are ongoing processes. As a successful business owner, you need to focus on your heart and mind as you take care of business. 

Reading these blogs will help you realize that happiness isn’t just about making more money. You need to take care of yourself and understand what matters to you to stay at the top of your game. 

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