9 Pet Affiliate Programs That Will Make Your Earnings Go Ape! [2023]

exploring the lucrative opportunities in pet affiliate marketing 5

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Looking for The Purr-fect Pet Affiliate Programs to Boost Your Earnings?

Ever thought about diving into the pet niche for affiliate marketing? Trust me, it's like finding a hidden treasure chest! In this article, we're exploring this fabulous niche and laying out the top pet affiliate programs that could have your bank account meowing with joy.

The best niches are like unicorns—mythical creatures that are hard to find but utterly magical when you do. They blend together two magical ingredients: a passionate community and an evergreen market. Guess what? The pet industry is the ultimate unicorn!

People who love their pets (let's be real, that's almost everyone) are willing to drop some serious cash to keep their furry, feathery, or scaly friends as happy as a clam. Whether it's gourmet pet food, luxury pet hotels, or snazzy accessories, pet lovers go all out! And that's why this niche is a goldmine for affiliate marketers.

Below are some of our favorite pet affiliate programs that we use to make bank in our business on a daily basis. But first...


Let’s start with some statistics about the pet industry…

Pet owners prove year in, year out to be a lavish and dedicated clientele, splurging to the tune of $103.6 billion in the US alone in 2020, with a whopping $42 billion on pet food and $22 billion on accessories and medicine. As the industry evolves, new product lines are budding, such as dog GPS trackers and CBD pet products, expanding the range of items that can help you earn a substantial income. There is an extensive array of pet affiliate programs that can cater to your target audience and content focus, such as Petco Supplies, Ollie, Holista Pet, FurHaven Pet Products, Pet Care Supplies, Paw.com, Pet Pro Supply Co., Whistle, Live Pee Free, Embark, Chewy and Hepper. Commission rates vary from one program to another, and some may also offer perks like warranties and free shipping. So, if you’ve been scouting for a profitable venture, pet affiliate marketing might just be your winning ticket.


Best Pet Affiliate Programs

In a world where pet owners are willing to invest large sums of money to ensure the well-being of their furry friends, pet affiliate programs have grown increasingly profitable. In the US alone, an impressive $103.6 billion was spent on pets in 2020, with $42 billion specifically earmarked for pet food and an additional $22 billion for accessories and medicines.

However, the pet industry isn’t strictly limited to food and accessories anymore. There is a flourishing demand for other pet supplies including collars, leashes, bedding, medicine, and an exciting emergence of new product lines such as dog GPS trackers and CBD pet products.

To assist you in navigating through this exciting industry, we have compiled some of the best pet affiliate programs for you: Petco, Ollie, Holista Pet, FurHaven Pet Products, Pet Care Supplies, Paw.com, Pet Pro Supply Co., Whistle, Live Pee Free, Embark, Chewy and Hepper.

Exploring the Lucrative Opportunities in Pet Affiliate Marketing

Petco Affiliate Program

Petco takes pride in its wide-ranging affiliate program that includes everything from edibles to accessories and pet essentials. Their inventory isn’t limited to a single category of pets but caters to a diverse range, right from dogs and cats to small animals and birds.

Commission Rate: Petco offers up to 4% commission rate to their affiliate partners.

Cookie Duration: Experiencing a cookie duration of 7 days.

URL: Petco Affiliate Program.


Ollie Affiliate Program

Ollie is well-known for its highly nutritious, tailored pet meals – offering a great option for pet parents who wish to provide personalized, high-quality diets to their pets. The brand boasts a commendable affiliate program.

Commission Rate: Ollie offers a commission rate of 16% to its affiliates.

Cookie Duration: They offer a 30-day cookie duration.

URL: Ollie Affiliate Program.


Holista Pet Affiliate Program

Holista Pet is making waves in the pet industry with its innovative CBD pet products line. If you’re an affiliate looking to market something different and in-demand, Holista Pet can be the right choice.

Commission Rate: The brand offers an enticing 25% commission rate.

Cookie Duration: Holista offers a 30-day cookie duration.

URL: Holista Pet Affiliate Program.


FurHaven Pet Products Affiliate Program

FurHaven Pet Products are renowned for their comfortable and luxurious pet bedding options. If your audience primarily consists of pet owners looking for comfort and luxury for their pets, FurHaven’s products can be a good affiliate choice.

Commission Rate: FurHaven offers a commission rate of 10%.

Cookie Duration: They provide a 7-day cookie duration.

URL: FurHaven Pet Products Affiliate Program.

Exploring the Lucrative Opportunities in Pet Affiliate Marketing


Pet Care Supplies Affiliate Program

Pet Care Supplies, as the name suggests, focuses on supplying an extensive range of pet care products, from tick and flea treatments to grooming essentials and accessories.

Commission Rate: They offer a competitive 13% commission rate.

Cookie Duration: The cookie duration is 60 days.

URL: Pet Care Supplies Affiliate Program.


Paw.com Affiliate Program

Paw.com is known for merging functionality with style in their pet products line. They offer a variety of fashionable and plush beds, covers and other accessories.

Commission Rate: Paw.com offers its affiliates a 10% commission rate.

Cookie Duration: The cookie duration is 15 days.

URL: Paw.com Affiliate Program.


Pet Pro Supply Co. Affiliate Program

Pet Pro Supply Co. is dedicated to serving professional pet caretakers. They offer a wide range of pet handling and management equipment.

Commission Rate: The company extends an 8% commission rate to its affiliates.

Cookie Duration: They have a notable 90-days cookie duration.

URL: Pet Pro Supply Co. Affiliate Program.


Whistle Affiliate Program

If your audience is interested in advanced pet tech, Whistle is the ideal affiliate partner. They’re industry’s pioneers in producing GPS trackers for dogs.

Commission Rate: A healthy 10% commission rate is offered.

Cookie Duration: With a cookie duration of 30 days.

URL: Whistle Go Affiliate Program.


Hepper Affiliate Program

For those aligning with modern, unique pet products, Hepper can be a great choice. Their intriguing line of pet beds and furniture offers a comfortable life to pets and an aesthetic appeal for owners.

Commission Rate: Hepper provides a lucrative 15% commission rate.

Cookie Duration: Hepper provides a cookie duration of 60 days.

URL: Hepper Affiliate Program.


Woof Woof – That’s all for today, folks!

Choosing the right pet affiliate program largely depends on your audience and content. Make sure to choose the ones that align best with your target audience. These programs not only provide a worthy commission rate but also cater to diverse niches, from pet food and supplies to GPS dog trackers and CBD pet products. Happy marketing!

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